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  1. ChrisM

    Milton Keynes modelkraft 23rd April

    Been looking at those small starter pots... some are vaguely labelled with a number which does also require a paint chart in front of one to try and translate as to quality of contents ... I will not burden you with them ... Will see what else I can find.
  2. ChrisM

    Milton Keynes modelkraft 23rd April

    Would you be after items like the little starter pots that come in kits that most of us don't use ... if so "ask/mention about" for them; likewise the brushes and glue that come in some kits that many discard when they get a few builds and experience behind them ... but those starting out will and do use I got rid of a load of mine now, but I did have a bucket full a while back I can certainly find a few tubes of the glue and a few brushes for you still.. .... where will Newbury table be this year please?
  3. ChrisM

    I didn't finish my model today- because...

    Reading through this has really cheered me up no-end... I have tonight looked at a couple of started kits which had fought me in weeks past, I tried building a plane, and I dont normally do planes and this one just didnt glue right, so its gone in bin; the other - I had originally cut out some parts that I shouldn't have, and then when I thought I could do something else with said kit, I made myself another set of problems, so I am maintaining my NY resolution, of if it fights back, it gets binned not put on a shelf to graze.
  4. ChrisM

    Milton Keynes modelkraft 23rd April

    I am planning on having a weekend back in CMK, so will be along for the day. Happy to bring something for the table, having read that any-standard is acceptable...
  5. ChrisM

    1/24 london bus diorama

    your Bentley has gone together nicely
  6. ChrisM

    Ww1 dio help

  7. ChrisM

    Scale Model World 2016

    I wont need much persuasion to join you for one too; (or is that one or two)
  8. ChrisM

    Yeovilton Show Today...

    that is about right - based on what everyone else on other forums and club pages are saying. A lot who went today are saying they will not bother going in February and that, that one is last show there ever apparently. Lots of the regular traders didn't apparently go, very few visitors, a lot less tables available for clubs, and they were only offering 2 rather than 5 wristbands. I used to think it was grim charging those who are putting on a display for you to get in anyway ... but luckily our club did pay for those extras from clubfunds and there were generally only 2 or 3 extras to pay for. Today had we gone, it would probably have been 6 out of funds at £8 a pop. If you did "purchase" any additional tables, you did get one more entry pass for each table and that was I believe £10 a table.
  9. ChrisM

    Post your workshop photos here

    Mike - consider this firm. They are not cheap, but they come fully double glazed, double skinned and insulated on all sides and into roof; carpeted, they supply an oil filled heater, fit plug points,ceiling spot lights .... and you can choose where door and window sizes etc are - pretty much everything is customisable to your needs.... We found them an excellent company and the resultant extra space is superb https://www.smartgardenoffices.co.uk/
  10. ChrisM

    The worst?

    The sea king which I cited above, whilst tooled originally in the 1960's, has been regularly reissued and reboxed, in the intervening years, and has even had new and additional sprues issued for it in last few years to stretch more life, profit and variants out of the old and well used original moulds. Had I been referring to something that was issued in the 60's and replaced in the last 16 or so years, then it might be fair to say I was being unfair.
  11. ChrisM

    The worst?

    The old (dating from 1969 I think) sea king helicopter was a rather large pain in the rear end. I had it as reissues in both yellow and grey plastic... none of the windows fit, the two halves of the fuselage didn't meet ... need I carry on, it only got there both times with a large tube of filler and a wide range of evergreen. (the new tool issued recently, just falls together on its own and is such a pleasure to build) The other kit which I tackled recently that was a "product of its time" in how it fitted were the two open topped Old Bill and Omnibus variants of old open topped bus. They only got there with a lot of ingenuity, evergreen and swearing
  12. ChrisM

    Wallace & Gromit Motorcycle and Sidecar...

    Personally, I have not got the kit, but Nick Allen most probably would if you were to ask over on the IPMS facebook page which is one way of contacting him, as W&G kits were the Beyond Box SIG staple source for years. If you know your kit number, over on the ATF forum, there are a lot of airfix kit ones, also you could if not looked here try this resource: http://www.cavallar.ch/model/ Sorry I cant be more help but if you let me have kit number I can ask a couple of my local club mates who built a few of them kits.
  13. ChrisM

    Scale Model World 2016

    As regards Telford weekend, I will likely start off in Weatherspoons (why spoil a formula for beer/food which works) with the CBK/UAMF gang, many of whom are also at the International this time so we shall no doubt roll back down road and all end up in their bar or the one next door.
  14. ChrisM

    Scale Model World 2016

    Are you having a themed year this year with NS or be it an allsorts and what you all care to bring along year
  15. ChrisM

    1:32 Airco DH.2

    Of the current WnW range I would be interested in your top 3 or so suggestions for easy to tackle planes ideally ones with simple paint schemes and which would encourage the beginner with the rigging (my only plane rigging experience in on an airfix 1:72 kit and it all went T*** up) if you can suggest and advise please