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    Vickers Warwick ASR I Stage B, 281 Sqn, RAF Wick, September 1944. Built for the FAWNAPS Museum from the Contrail kit. The aircraft depicted, BV411, was lost at Sumburgh on 14 September 1944 when it went off the end of the runway having suffered an engine fire on take off. The crew Fg Off Jack Murray (pilot), Fg Off John E.Bartholomew (Nav), WO Cledwyn Evans (WOp/AG) and Fg Off Ted Russell (WOp/AG) plus three passengers who were being giving a lift to Wick (Cpl Lyon, Cpl Rodber and LAC Shields) all got out safely.
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    Looking forward to the GWH one as well This stuff really is sublime. It sprays so well. Rich
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    Managed to get another one finished in the early hours of this morning. The Special Hobby 1/72 Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6 done in 898 NAS aboard Ark Royal circa 1957.
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    This model was built (from a kitbash of the venerable Airfix B3 and the newish Revell BI/BII/GRII) for a RAFA friend. Henry Wagner, was a wartime Sgt Navigator with 51 Sqn on Halifax BIIIs at RAF Snaith. Henry had seen my Lancaster model and asked me whether I would do him a Halifax. The aircraft in question NR248, code letters MH-A, got airborne from Snaith at 02:49 on the morning of 18 Dec 1944, to attack Duisberg; the raid having been delayed owing to bad weather. It was the Crew's 8th mission. En route the weather deteriorated rapidly with over 100kt winds at cruise altitude, which had not been forecast. This meant that the raid became widely scattered. Upon arrival over the target (a mere 7 minutes late) the crew of NR248 saw that it was obscured and that there were no visible Target Indicators; they therefore bombed using GEE. Upon egress from the target they were attacked by a German nightfighter (probably Lt Walcher of 2/NJG 1) at around 06:35. The nightfighter, a ME110, made two attacks, the first being beaten off. However the second attack, from above and to starboard set the Halifax on fire. In Henry's words: 'There was a series of rapid thumps on the starboard wing and almost immediately the Flight Engineer shouted "We're on Fire!". I looked back from my position down in the nose and saw a roaring mass of flame at the wing root, burning fuel spilling into the fuselage from the ruptured tank and around the Oxygen bottles. We heard a shout of "Abandon Aircraft!" and I quickly buckled my parachute on, kicking the legs of my table away. I opened the escape hatch, pulled it off its hinges, and dropped it through the gaping hole. I quickly followed. After a few sconds the Halifax blew up. ' Henry was the only one of the 7 man crew to get out of the aircraft.
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    Finished another model today. This is the Trumpeter 1/72 Westland Wyvern S.4. I began building this model about 6 years ago, then it got sidelined and spent a huge amount of time on the 'pending' pile. I finally summoned up the courage to get her completed.
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    Debs is floating a few from another time and place,so I too have raided my P/bucket account. Some of you may have seen this "elsewhere",but for those of you that didn't....... I wanted to do a three spoke wheeled overwing bulged high demarcation aircraft,so after much research,one of the kit's options was selected,but in a later guise. I discovered that SX358 had the requirements I wanted when she was with 1832 at Culham. She'd had prior service with 800 NAS(side number 177)in Triumph and Hal Far in 1947,before going to the VR units for the Weekend Warriors to ride about in. Her final flight(after a full RNAY re-furb)was into storage at Stretton,where she sat in the long grass with the other remaining members of her breed before being taken away to the scrappers for reduction to saucpans in the late 1950's. So,without further adoo,here she is. SX358/103,1832 NAS(RNVR),HMS Hornbill/RNAS Culham,early 1950's. "She'll be ready for you in a jiffy Sir"(Haven't you undone that jury strut yet lad!!!) Built very much OOB except for scratched rudder pedals and fuel tank back behind them,controls deflected to reflect the flying surfaces(yes,I know you can't see 'em,but I know they're done),thinned ailerons and radiators,masking tape seat belts,erm...,that's about it really. Oh yes,drilled out exhausts and scratched the wing bulges to match the three spoke wheels too. Painted with humbrol enamels and lightly weathered around the cowlings and forward panel lines that catch the exhaust staining. Big thanks to the gents that responded to the call for stb'd wing parts after I managed to ruin the original and sent me the basic ground crew figures. The pilot is the remodelled kit,er,well,pilot.
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    Well it's done - a very decent kit, just didn't really enjoy it. Also still not convinced by the 2 Mr Paint colours - they look identical. Peter
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    I was asked by a RAFA friend if I could build a model of a Wellington IC to represent that flown by his Uncle P/O P. S. Willat who flew with 99 Sqn on the first Berlin raid during the night of 25/26 August 1940. From extant photo's we knew that the Sqn code was 'LN' and we knew that the individual aircraft code was 'V'. What we didn't have was the Serial. After some digging around in the 99 Sqn Operational Records Book (having downloaded various sections from The Public Records Office at Kew), I discovered the P/O Willat was posted into 99 Sqn from 214 Sqn at RAF Stradishall wef 8 March 1940. At that time 99 Sqn was parented by RAF Mildenhall but detached to RAF Newmarket Heath - the 'Rowley Mile' being one of the longest strips of grass in the UK and one of few from which a fully loaded 'Wimpey' could get airborne (Mildenhall not yet having had its runways extended). Looking at the ORB I discovered that P/O Willat flew 5 operational sorties with the Sqn in August 1940 (on 1/2, 5/6, 16/17, 23/24 and 25/26) before being posted to RAF Harwell on 6 September, presumably to join 15 OTU as an instructor. On each occasion the aircraft flown was P9277. It would appear that P/O Willat took his aircraft with him upon posting because the airframe was listed as lost in 1941 on a delivery flight from Luqa to Egypt. At the time of the loss it was listed as being on the strength of 15 OTU. The crew on the first Berlin raid were: P/O Willat P/O Womack Sgt Peach Sgt Hill P/O Hallows The bomb load being: 7 x 250 lb NDT 2 x 250 lb LD 60 x 4 lb Incendiaries The Crew failed to find the target through 10/10ths cloud and so brought the bomb load home. The model is the Trumpeter Wellington IC built almost OOB but with the addition of the Eduard interior etch and Quickboost gun barrels. I also scratch built the bomb doors as well as the turret internal framing. At some stage I will add a Fordson tractor and some Type B bomb trolleys with the bomb load.
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    Shelf of doom # 3 complete . 1/48 Tamiya AD-3 Bu.No. 122743 air VMW -121 based at K-3 ( Pohang ) Korea 1951. Started on this almost two years ago. Finally she is completed . Painted with Mr. Paints and Tamiya paints . 21105552_10212733919835746_3028104999281348417_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 21078295_10212733921675792_2139882728541157616_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 21105682_10212733921475787_3879602679697069456_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 21105685_10212733920275757_5892365769288993500_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 21150420_10212733921715793_5080868518126243661_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 21151417_10212733920315758_5353692472379657328_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 21191958_10212733920235756_1211659482785534341_n by Brian scott, on Flickr Brian
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    I had a very productive day today, and again this kit for a limited run kit has pleased me quite a bit, it's not a perfect kit (what is?). and i have been busy with a bit of Vallejo Filler I love this stuff, it really is easy to work with, a damp cotton bud an no sanding. the wing to fuselage joint at the back is iffy but most spitfires are. the rest of the bits today was wing tips, radiator and oil cooler. then the bits that make it a Seafire; a hook and strengthening plates as well as catapult spools? at least that's what i think they are. Now for the downside, the clear parts, the gunsight and windscreen are fine but the rear section is too small, not too much of a problem as the canopy will be open but the sliding section is too small as well so this will need a work round I do have a spare centre section in the spares so i will use that i guess.
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    Time to finish a 3rd shelf of doom project . Started on this about two years ago. Fuel tank mounted modified from the Skyraider kit , fuel tanks form the F4U-1D . Other weapons will be the 5in HVAR air-to-ground rockets 20994357_10212673890455049_2982101226424339834_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 20953208_10212674281824833_2135913967184025942_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 20953548_10212674281864834_4625660670992463341_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 20953049_10212689746611443_8061975840478134905_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 20953565_10212689746811448_7368180226579650011_n by Brian scott, on Flickr 20954092_10212689746771447_2802182850506940587_n by Brian scott, on Flickr Brian
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    One that's been going on twixt Sea Hurricane builds of late. Many are familiar with the kit so nothing further to add apart from beware of the fuselage stripes. I don't know if it was only me but I couldn't for the life of me get them to line up. Used a bit of spare white decal on the top of the fuselage but It's not perfect. Has the underside one split on me and that was after sealing in. Oh well. Whole thing brush painted with Xtracolor Sand and RLM02 with metallics Revell Aluminium and Steel. The prop was also Revell with a Tamiya clear orange coating. I did try a laminated effect on the other prop but it looked more like a mint humbug. Rigging was EZ line and had a few 'pingy' moments along the way especially when attaching to the upper strut so gave up trying to connect each line to the metal stubs.
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    Calling this one finished. Pretty much OOB, although I did rescribe the panel lines. This moulding has been around for decades, but it went together reasonably well. And for a kit that cost me a tenner, it provided a lot of fun, and a nice sizeable bit of plastic for the shelf.
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    1/48 scale Bucker Bu181 Bestmann Panzerjagdstaffeln, Special Hobby, No. SH 48189 This kit I have already reviewed some time ago so for a more in depth, in box review refer to the review below, So this boxing is for the Panzerfaust armed variant that has three different variants included and I will be doing this one as a build review so stay tuned folks, So whats the difference? Well the only differences are a slightly larger PE fret as below and a new decal sheet with new markings for three different aircraft all of which are RLM 70/71/65 and are as follows 1 W.Nr 201236 Ofw. Alfred Buchsteiner, 3.Panzerjagdstaffel April 1945 2,W.Nr unknown Dietrich Losener 1. Panzerjagdstaffel May 1945 3, W.Nr 502167. yellow 10 Uffz Hans Ficker 3.panzerjagdstaffel-west April 1945 the PE fret includes a few extra parts for mirrors and a rudimentary sight for the Panzerfausts. So that's about it for the differences. not much i think you will agree son now it's time to see how it builds keep an eye here to have a look
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    This is Eduards Mk.viii, its a nice kit but i feel a little over complicated considering there is no engine or otherwise. its out of the box from the weekend boxing, the only extra I have added is Eduard's rather nice steel seatbelts.
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    Hot off the workbench - in fact, still on it in these pics - is Tamiya's Spitfire IX, supplemented with a Yahu instrument panel and Barracuda wheels, and with markings from Xtradecal. The aircraft depicted is serving with 73 Sqn RAF, based at Prkos, Yugoslavia, in April-May 1945. They were flying mainly ground-attack sorties at the time, hence the name "Bombfire". 73 Sqn was one of the very few units to wear pre-war-style unit markings during the war - after serving in the Battle of France and the Battle of Britain, in Hurricanes, they transferred to the Desert and revived the markings there. Anyway, on with the show - these are on the bench, I'll do some proper "beauty shots" later. Thanks for looking.
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    Paint job done on the Aerovan. Thankfuly, unlike everything else so far with this build, it was a nice simple job. Glossed up ready for decally tomorrow
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    Amazing. I was doing a bit of swearing in appreciation when my wife came over to see what the fuss was about. She started swearing too! Amazing work.
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    This may be of interest to Wingnut Wings fans: Facebook Website
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    Thanks Michelle, Jockster and Kp. What I like about the Fuso is that it had so many guns they got in each others way and slowed the old boat down to a crawl. Pity the crew when the US Navy finally caught up to the ship. Well before I start my next project I better wrap this one up.. That's the Fuso finished. And now for my next trick.. Can you guess the model? And a big thanks to Photoimage for the space to host all my new photos. Photobucket, you can shove it where the sun don't shine. Bye for now.
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    A gentleman is so called because of his refined, polite and courteous nature rather than defined by the need for ocular assistance. The dictionaries never mention Specsavers And I'd rather have a Hurricane in my garden. I could have a Spit anywhere. I don't have a Spit anywhere because it's disgusting and I am a gentleman. and, TBH, I'd settle for having a garden. I don't have a garden So not fair. It must be so lovely to have somewhere to just fork about in. ps If 1/48 is the correct scale, why aren't all quarter scale kits perfect?
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    Goes to look for prosh frock, hat, handbag, and shoes... A girl has to be prepared dontchya know.
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    Built for the FAWNAPS Museum from a kitbash between the 1980's Airfix boxing and the current Revell, the model was built to replace that built by Roy Perrin which had become damaged. Roy was a founder member of the Museum and, as Treasurer of the Historic Aircraft Preservation Society, one of those responsible for the repatriation of Lancaster NX611 from the Far East - NX611 is now better known as 'Just Jane' at the former RAF East Kirkby. LM282 was built by Armstrong-Whitworth and initially delivered to 622 Sqn where it participated in the raids on Russelheim (25/26 August 1944) and Frankfurt (12/13 September 1944). It was then passed on to 218 (Gold Coast) Sqn at RAF Chedburgh upon the formation of 'C Flight'. Having become Roy Perrin's aircraft and named 'Snow White', it participated in the key daylight raids on Vohlwinkel (31 December 1944) and Gelsenkirchen (22 February 1945). It also participated in Operation MANNA (the dropping of food to the Dutch in The Hague) as well as in the repatriation of Allied PoWs. After WWII ended, LM282 passed to 138 Sqn and was written off at Trondheim on 20 September 1945, still named 'Snow White', when the undercarriage was deliberately retracted on the ground to prevent a runway overshoot.
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    Tamiya kit, 1/72 scale built straight from the box. All painting done with Tamiya acrylics. All comments and critics are very welcome Cheers
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    Nothing out of the ordinary just a bog standard Airfix Do17
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    JP3 tailplane: JP5 tailplane: All JP4s had the same tailplane as the JP5 (in fact the first 2 JP5s were converted from JP4s). A graphical representation based upon diagrams in the APs: JP3: JP4 and 5: I can't find the measurements I took from both our JP3 in the Museum as well as the RAFC Cranwell Gate Guard but they are the same apart from the horn balances. The JP3 had the 1750 lbs thrust Viper 102 engine whereas the JP4 had the 2450 lb thrust Viper 202 (same as the JP5). Aircraft fitted with the 202 had larger cooling intakes on the engine bay doors than did those with the 102. JP3: JP5: The JP4 also had a taller pitot mast than did the 3 (although I doubt it would show up in 1/72!) as can be seen from these photo's: JP3: JP4:
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    Sponsored by Sovereign Hobbies Ltd and Black Mike Models Aberdeen Modellers Society, a branch of IPMS UK, will host a Scale Model show and competition, with a Make-and-Take event for the kids. We currently have 11 visiting clubs and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) from around the country and 10 traders booked to attend the show. Competition details The show will take place at the Double Tree by Hilton Aberdeen Tree Tops Hotel, Springfield Road, Aberdeen, on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Venue details The show will open to the public at 10:00-17:00. Last admission 16:30. Set up for traders and visiting clubs/groups is on the day from 08:00-09:45. Ticket prices: adult £4, concession £2, and children under 16 go free! Show timeline Special Attraction The newest addition to our show is a special attraction from Morayvia, the aviation and science technology museum at Kinloss - they will be bringing their Canberra nose section & cockpit to display outside the hotel. There will be a show dinner on Friday night with guest speaker Mr. Trevor Snowden who will cover AIRFIX, the Golden Years. Show dinner details Floor Plan Show Poster More information is available from the Show Liaison Officer, Giora Kahanov. We are still looking for more sponsors and trophies / prizes for our show so any information, donations etc., will be most welcome! Finally, we will be supporting charities during the event, CHAS (Childrens Hospice Across Scotland) and the Aberdeen Seafarers Centre. Please visit their stands, or their websites (links above), to find out more and support them. You can keep up-to-date with our show plans by checking back here, or join us on the Aberdeen Modellers Society facebook page. Trader enquires, please contact Show Liaison, Giora Kahanov. Clubs / SIGs enquiries please contact Club & SIG Liaison, Sandy Brown.
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    Hi - so I'm a newbie to the site but certainly not new to the hobby. I've enjoyed 3 or so years IPMS membership at the Farnborough club who are a great gang and really make the hobby fun and are a wealth of knowledge. I've been modelling since the age of about 5 having placed the hobby on pause for around 10 years or so in my 30's to focus on bringing up my family if ankle biters, however 2 of my lads got into war gaming which soon brought me back to the hobby bench and into mainstream modelling once again. The naughtier and more outspoken few at my club recommended this site as a good alternative place for modelling rogues to share in the hobby, noting that the forum may well be a place where you can be a tad more out spoken without being given an online detention for pointing out the obvious which others may have otherwise taken offence of. So here we have the Randal (Randy) Cooper 1/1500 Resin Star Destroyer kit which measures in at around 38" and costs around £600 once you have it cleared through the UK Customs and Exorcists officers. The price tag has not stopped there, now with about a further £700 worth of 3D printed replacement parts, wiring, lighting, fibre, resin glues, metal for stand, internal structure timber, plenty of Evergreen; all in all its worked out to be an expensive kit but worth every penny for the enjoyment and challenge it has presented. For me, this is my first "garage" type kit, my first resin kit and certainly a first in the amount of engineering and adaptive modelling required to put the kit together - it is not for the beginner, Randy Cooper makes that very clear on his website. Its a long term project build that requires a lot of tools, space and patience- as well as money. Randy is in the process of correcting this kit hoping to have a version 2 of his Star Destroyer out later this year which will be about 10" longer and shallower - more in line with the shape of the Avenger class from Empire & Jedi, whereas this kit has the tolerances of the original Devastator from A New Hope, but with the external looks of the Avenger class destroyer. When completed, the completed Destroyer will be on display at Telford this year at the Farnborough table, celebrating our anniversaries theme - 40 years ago since the Devastator first loomed over our heads chasing the Tantive IV. Please enjoy, I certainly am... John Sorry the photos are in a bit of a jumble - I have had to merge my photobucket library into my Flkr library which did not work very well this shows the kit engines vs the 3D printed set - that cost £280 for the 7 nacelles test fitting of the un-primed tractor beam dishes - 3D printed this is where the internal fibre optic lighting started - the main hangar is an enhanced 3D printed part and I modified the forward Shuttle hangar to accommodate a pair of 3D printed Imperial Shuttles The hot end more 3D expense - deflector shield generators first test of all 7 engines - really pleased with this now in daylight that's all for now folks... !
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    This was one of those fabled "Shelf of doom" models. I started it last summer in a frenzy of quick builds, then I had some commission work and magazine reviews come in that took precedence so onto he shelf it went.To gather dust. To be forgotten about. To languish. Then I tidied up my workshop one weekend and opened a seemingly discarded shoe box that rattled not knowing that I would find this folorn, slightly damaged Bf110 inside. So it was dragged kicking and screaming to the bench and repaired, cleaned up and readied for painting and decalling all in one weekend. Straight from the box. I love it too now its finished, isn't that always the way?
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    The next show is fast approaching. Norex Model Show 2017, run by the good folks at North Essex Modellers, on Oct 1st. If you fancy going along to a friendly little show, I can highly recommend. and BxM are there. We have 3 tables, and all are welcome to bring along any models. As always, there's no minimum standard of model. If there were, I wouldn't take a thing! ;) It'll be held at William Loveless Hall, William Loveless Hall, 85-87 High Street, Wivenhoe, Essex, CO7 9AB
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    I got the Airfix 1/48 Sea Hurricane Mk.1b finished up. Pretty much straight out the box except I added pre painted steel belts from eduard, drilled out the gun ports and made aerial wires from lycra thread. Had real issues with getting the wing to fuselage underside join to come good. Resorted to CA and accelerator on this after trashing a kit for my first try. Painted with MRP for the camo and Gunze for the Sky. Weathering was a simple panel line wash with Paynes Grey oil paint thinned with white spirit, the other stains were also artists oils used neat blended with cotton buds and fan brushes. the exhaust stains were just airbrushed on with heavily thinned NATO black, NATO brown and Sky from Tamiya acrylics. I hope you like it
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    There are 3 prize sets up fro grans all you have to do to have a chance is join the group and share the link. We are trying to create awareness of our masks and spread the word
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    My thoughts as well Migs, but I you needn't worry the bestmann is good at putting up a fight. I've been spoilt by other special hobby kits lately , the Yak 3 and the Seafire are quite nice well fitting kits but this is something else. the cockpit goes together well you just need to clean everything up properly. the PE makes the pit and i did try the decal on the instrument panel but it is a bit thin and it folds over itself easily and i ended up with a ball of decal (you've been warned), i was glad i tried it now rather than with the markings. so I ended up painting the panel. the belts are the out of the box sprayed with Tamiya XF55 Picked out with silver and then given an oil wash. it was then time to put it all together. Oh dear! Even though I put it all together dry fitted it and spent loads of time squaring the edges up it all went a bit Pete Tong (showing my age) first a couple of ejector pins block the Instrument panel so they had to come off, then out came the sanding sticks and filler until its where you see it now.
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    A little progress to show on my Meng Kids He177. I'm slowly getting the hang of the Mission Models Acrylics. Duncan B
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    I've just got my IPMS membership card through, so I won't be having to wait outside with my nose pressed against the window like last year! I should be there both days, other commitments permitting. See you all there, folks... Dean
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    You're right there mate.I reckon I've got more hours(in IL2)on 109's than some of those sprogs had for real. I could give you the tale of a 109G AS with the MK108 taking down an Airacobra at long range,but I don't want to bung up Mish's review thread and have her sending that wild Ulster red'ead up to kick my ass. No doubt,they'd both enjoy that day out ............
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    Anybody who has built this one will know of the tolerances in various areas. Nothing insurmountable but frustrating nonetheless. Oh and those dorsal windows; fitted perfectly prior to painting but once the painting was done, alas! They are proud of the surface. Well, ho hum. Not a great day for light conditions here in Plummetmouth so phots not great. Xtracolour Schwartzgrun/Dunkelgrun over Lichtblau. Made a crude towel rail aerial and liked the idea of a big fuel tank and bomb internally. Probably not correct but I'm ready for any Dornier Gauleiters who may come knocking in the dead of night. Anyway, here it warts, mishaps and whatever. You'll notice the flat spot is aft on the port wheel and for'ard on starboard. That's because they are free turning and I didn't notice until after the phot. Big bomb, ready for dropping on any given fast food outlet. Those infernal dorsal windows, they may be proud, but I'm not. Aeriel wire off centre here. Oops, didn't trim that EZ line properly did I? And those MG's look like field guns in this shot.
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    Thankfully, the Noratlas is managing to keep my sanity intact. She's primed up, which is the 1st real chance to see how the rescribing has turned out. And I have to say, it ain't too shabby at all!! Painting will commence 1st thing tomorrow
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    Hello all, Running alongside my Seafire Build is this one, its the Eduard weekend 1/48 Spit Mk.viii which probably needs no introduction so without anymore ado onto the pics, And this will be the colour scheme. started with the cockpit which went together very nicely but I do have to question the lots of separate parts policy that Eduard use all of this does lead to alignment issues if you are not really careful. like the rudder arrangement which is 6 separate parts, not needed when it can be done with half it was all painted with Interior green and Eduard steel belts then my technique for Spitfires and Seafires, assemble the cockpit tub and tape the fulselage together test fit the tub into the fuselage, Glue the fuselage together, once dry fit the tub in from the bottom and it all fits with no juggling or alignment issues. And with the two of them together
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    After a huge amount of test fitting, cutting, filling, sanding, more filling, more sanding, more filling........... well, you get the idea, the Aerovan is pretty much all together. Just the flaps to add now before she gets primed up. This little fella has been a real test of my patience so far. Hopefully, the worst is over now
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    The Aerovan is proving to be a bit of a pain in the proverbial. Yes, I know it's a short run kit, but it would be nice to have had at least 1 part fit as it's supposed to! As it is, this is definately in my top ten of the worst kits I've ever built! (it makes an Amodel moulding look good!) Still, no pain, no gain I guess. The fuselage is closed up after a battle royal. Much cleaning up (as evidenced by the lashings of filler) to be done before any more progress can be made......
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    Thanks lady and gentleman. Got the hull red and black done on the hull. Forecastle decks shown as well. Cheers Warren
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    I decided to have a pop at building a biplane, as I had never built one before. For some reason I ended up with 4 Gloster Gladiators in the stash thanks to last years Home Bargains Airfix deals. I had also never done any rigging before and this was a perfect kit for giving it a go as the Airfix instructions include a rigging diagram and the parts have indentations for the 'wires'. I chose to drill these out and use fishing line for the wires, superglued in place and trimmed back with a sharp scalpel. I also chose to give the Hataka acrylic silver a try. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I got round to finishing it this morning and decided to do it as the one from the Shuttleworth Collection in the markings of 73 Sqn, Hendon Air Pageant 1937.
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    It's mine but it was made by Airfix
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    Attention now turns to the Nav's and Wireless Operator's bench. Revell would have you believe that there is only a single upright. In fact there are 3, the extra being added from microstrip: I also added a throttle quadrant/throttles to the Pilot's instrument panel (A): Some shots of the painted parts (in the first you can see where I have opened up the wing root area in the Revell fuselage to accept the Airfix wing): In the above the brown thing in the nose is the Bomb Aimer's couch. In the above you can see where I have cut out the section around the Revell mid-upper turret ready for replacement with the Airfix part (the Revell turret fairing being overscale and the wrong shape).
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