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  3. I am modelling these cars 'as-is' so the exhausts need to look like the 'used' ones on the real cars (see last post) - not all polished and shiny - although I would start at that point. I'm winging all this, but it has worked so far! As I was going to use Alclad Chrome, I applied gloss black 'undercoat' - used to make the chrome shine - as it was, I ended up going over most of this, but it gave a suitable shiny 'under' surface - most of the pipes are oxidised and dirty. The cans are aluminium or titanium, so a different colour. The I basically free-formed the build up of colour using Alclad Chrome, duraluminum, pale gold etc etc - I mixed a few together to try and get the correct tint, with the aim of using oils later... I then mixed up some tamiya acylics to airbrush, dry brush and stipple on, to represent the cruddy look of the real pipes... I still need to add some washes and highlights, and I want to try some of that graphite powder to get back some of the metallic look - but overall I am actually quite chuffed how these came out, considering I didn't 'practice' and made it up as I went along!! Not fixed in place (have to make the mounts!!).... Not finished yet - add rivets and wash, more painting - but not bad so far!
  4. Exhausts: I drew up a selection of pipes for the exhaust system - printer had a fit in the first print so I ended up with a solid lump halfway up the pipes - be good for a space craft panel in the future! Re-setting the level of the printer plate solved the issue and I printed the pipes... Lots of trimming and sanding later, I had a 'kit' of parts. A slow process of offering the exhaust up to the car and cutting each pipe to size and length so it fitted through the skin - just as much of a pain as when you fit the 1:1 'real' pipes - believe me! But everything fitted together fairly well... Of course there are two of them. I added some details, such as exhaust clamps and tabs. I wanted to paint everything in one go, rather than add after - on the real exhaust everything is pretty much the same colour... Pretty chuffed how these came out - again the 3D printer saved a lot of work with trying to bend plastic tube - you still have to put the work in drawing the parts, and a lot of finishing... Primed and ready to paint... The holes on one can are for the rivets - fitted after painting.
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  6. Way back (mumble) years ago, one of the modelling mags I used to haunt the libraries to read (I think it was Scale Models) ran an article about embarrassing decal fails on 1:1 aircraft. Things like silvering, cracking, peeling, upside down markings and many other woes were on full display, just to show us all that reality is sometimes even more disappointing than our models are.
  7. I'm in no place to make suggestions on what is a fantastic build. Just keep doing what you're doing the time spent is being repaid in spades from my angle Si
  8. That's looking awesome Bob
  9. Enjoy your break Richard
  10. RWG686

    A helicopter.

    I was aware that trying to keep the gubbins frame looking to scale left it a bit fragile and this proved to be the case when I went to put decals on the various boxes and bottles. I broke a few of the cross members so dismantled the lot and will rebuild the frame using either thicker plastic strip or brass. With the honours degree in hindsight, I should have put decals on before placing everything on the frame rather than assemble, paint and use a fine detail pen. I got the seatbelts on both pilot's seats and on the rear bench. Both front seats came off their frame and one of the cyclic sticks came out. I had a similar problem with bits falling off a Sea Fury (being quietly built in the side) so I'm wondering if I should go back to using good old Humbrol liquid poly rather than the Tamiya stuff I've been trying. A slight set back but nothing that can't be fixed. Off to Slovakia tomorrow to visit family so you'll all have peace for a week.
  11. I agree, the photos show them to be very clean mostly with just a little staining on the underside on some occasions. A bit of artistic licence and an attempt to break up the expanse of silver paint too. Duncan B
  12. Funny you spotted that Col. I only realised after that I had reversed the trend I normally follow, going the opposite way from distant to near. i believe it has something to do with the fact that just this week, and probably only when the “rear” deck is dropped in place, I have started to feel that it looks better in the flesh than in the pictures and it looks big & complex in the whole. However It feels too big to take a decent picture in the whole. Perhaps someone knows a photography trick that will improve my capabilities.
  13. Not quite my friend. Definitely some weeks still to go but getting confident that apart from whatever base it goes on, I will have it done in the 2 year window.
  14. I’m late to this party, but I think your decision is a wise one. I’d guess that ship borne float planes would have spent very little time on the sea and would have been cleaned immediately after recovery. A permanent mooring in salt water would be a different story, but is that a likely scenario. If permanently moored in fresh water the consideration is more about what material are the floats? Perhaps aluminium. If so the aluminium would likely have an oxidising skin which would then prevent the water from much of a reaction. So perhaps a bit of staining as you have shown and also maybe some of the fastners would have stained a little “brown” colouring. Looking on the web it’s not easy to find any pictures confirming any corrosion so as I initially wrote (a long winded paragraph ago) I think your right to keep it very low key. all that waffle aside, your build is gorgeous 👍🏼
  15. Wouldn't worry too much about damaged stencilling. The other week I saw a Merlin without serial numbers no ROYAL NAVY on the side. See, it does happen in real life.
  16. Greetings one and all! Its been a bit of time since my last update in this *ahem* speed build, the reason being is that progress has been markedly slow. This Nova Scotian Summer is blistering along now, its nice and warm and inviting for doing other outdoor stuff and not sitting indoors! Also last week was my wife's 50th birthday week, so for once I wrapped up the kits and dedicated a week to her, its only a week every 50 years so I am quite happy with that sacrifice! Although in amongst all that I did manage to get some progress done, up til now I was missing a couple of fairings, one forward and one aft. For the aft I used plastic square section, I think it was 2X6mm, cut to size, shaped and rounded off. This was painted separately and then glued in position....nice and simples really.. Here you can see it in position under the tail cone, it was all done by eye and looks the job (don't worry about the rest of the photo, I will cover those shenanigans later!) Next on the list was the forward fairing under the nose, this would be a much more complicated shape as it is a teardrop shape that is radius and then has to fit the hull shape of the aircraft. I used the same square stock as the rear fairing, shaped it externally and then hollowed it out and shaped it to fit perfectly so I could paint it and just fit it without any extra rework, as you can see from this pick it fits nice and snug with no issues*** *** This statement is unfortunately an untruth! The underside contour is so much more complex. I got the shape close and then glued it in place. There were gaps that needed filling, a bit of trimming here and there and a bit of tweaking required. Enough work to wreck the paint finish underneath that I had to spray part of the underside again, no biggie, ill just mask it off and respray, which I did......now go back to the previous picture and take note of what is left of the 'Royal Canadian Navy' decal under the cockpit window! 🤬 and yes it did it to both sides! Ooh I was slightly mad is a bit of an understatement. At the moment I don't have any suitable decals to cover them so I have had to carry on regardless. I repainted the metallic red on the tail rotors so it looks normal now and built up the sponsons and rotor head. The canopy is still loose so remove this and fitted the seats and painted the quarterlights above the pilots in clear green (which explains the masking tape on the windows below), unfortunately the paint pooled in these as it dried, not a major show stopper but more work is required. So masking has been removed and here she is And after a little bit more work she is nearing completion... So she isn't finished just yet, I still want to sort those rotor blades as they are just far too rigid and there are a couple of little tweaks id like to add, but I am getting there, albeit very slowly lol. Cheers now Bob
  17. Hi guys It's that time of the fortnight again - yup: update time! I've been plugging away at yet more side walls and naturally, there is still a heap more to do yet. I did say this will be a loooooong build (ticked over the one year mark already with so much more to do). I sometimes wonder why I do this to myself but for the rest of the time, I love it I have to remind myself that I still have the other side to do yet as well as the bottom and then the sidewalls. Maybe by 2021 it'll be done..... As you can see, I still need to add some details to the hull to tie in the sidewalls but that'll happen soon enough. Anyway, that's all I have for now but I will be back again once I have done something worth showing Thanks for looking and if you have any suggestions for details etc, I'm open to them Cheers Si
  18. Gorby

    A helicopter.

    Considering the scale I was thinking how good it all looks. Excellent work so far. When do the wings go on?
  19. Hiya Gorbs It took about three days on and off to get them all on.
  20. I've always admired your paintwork and weathering skills Duncan and this one is no exception.
  21. Smart work executed in a tidy manner. Well done sir.
  22. That's an interesting series of photos. As they progressively change focus away from the individual lifeboat to reveal its place within the overall ship it forced me to do the same; I've been so focused on enjoying your progress through the many sub-assemblies and sections I'd forgotten they are parts of a much greater model. Nice work again.
  23. That's looking pretty damn good
  24. Last week
  25. I moved the first of the life boats along just a bit; Regards Paul
  26. Thanks Darren, although necessity driving innovation sounds a bit grand for a bit of garden wire.
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