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  3. improvised some harnesses
  4. I always thought Cosford was the more "natural" museum, less antiseptic. Then they built that horrible building for the Cold War exhibition,aeroplanes live in big rectangular buildings, not figments of the mind of deranged architects.
  5. a few there from when Hendon was good
  6. How very 70's in style! all it needs is some wood panelling or a stone fireplace! seriously dean good work
  7. Well you can if you like, but i still need to source suitable decals etc, and actually acquire enough mojo to start building and take part in two group builds and......
  8. Suppose we'll have to keep the drivel going until it does arrive.
  9. My bad, forgot where you are, my apologies.
  10. They do, don't they? I was a bit unsure at first and thought about toning them down, but I rather like them now. I've been busy with the command module decalling, next. I did the underside first to see how the anti glare decals would work...luckily they were a very good fit. Don't know why they didn't include any decals for the blacked out underside windows though - I had to mask and spray those: Then I finished off the top side: The inside won't be seen much through the tiny windows, so this is probably sufficient: I've got the decals on the engines too, but I haven't taken photos of that until the plumbing is all connected up. Current decal count - 324, and a few more coloured bands to go on the spine yet! Getting there, Dean
  11. 😁 nope, no such inconveniece here 😁
  12. They have MOT's in Africa's bottom?!!!!!
  13. Good god man, it hasn't even arrived yet Those of you that live in the 1st world that can have parcels delivered overnight, don't understand the ficklery of yer average bog standard African postal service.... It takes around 24-36 hours for the parcel to arrive in Joburg from when I ordered it... It can then take anything up to 3 months for it to travel the 67km's from the International mail hub at the airport to my house. I kid you not. On average it takes 3 weeks minimum... My shortest wait was 8 days, longest was 3 months and 2 days.... and that does not include 2 parcels that have disappeared into the Ether... On the other hand, I can get a parcel here by DHL in 48hrs or less... at 4 times the shipping costs mind.
  14. 'ere moy luvver, if'n yome called a grokkle, you be in Devonshire.....if'n yome be in Cornwall-land yume be called 'n emmit! Those that serve Her Majesty's Senior Service, and are lucky enough to pull shore duty at HMS Seahawk (used to) have a window sticker for their vernacular transportation, which states........"I'm NOT an Emmit". I have it on good authority the traffic wardens leave well alone!
  15. Whenever visiting the West Country, i can recommend a technique to avoid annoying the locals of whichever sectarian jam/cream cream/jam persuasion. If you find in your grokkle confusion you have committed the gross social gaff of layering the scone in the wrong order to the accompanying intake of breath followed by deafening silence in the tearoom ..... just turn the damn thing upside down. Job done, moy luvver!
  16. Looks like I'm not getting to see her. She is planned Prestwick to Coventry at 1200 today and its doubtful if I would get there in time. Shame she's not there on Saturday.. Everything is now up in the air as there is supposed to be 12 on show. Only 4 there yesterday and none of the yet others en route. One planned Iceland to Dublin but this plan has been removed. The weather to the north and west isn't helping any either. Safety first for these old ladies is essential though.
  17. Yaaaay, lets all get Mad Steve Stoned.... What?, ohhhhh the other Stoned, ok lets not do that
  18. No he's right, mighty fine thread drift, I had to go back to page one to find out what the thread was supposed to be about but considering that we all left the motherland for the colony to escape the oppression & puritanism I can't see the peeps being that concerned. Anyway I blame Mad as if he'd got on with his Welly & posted modelling posts we wouldn't have been led astray. Stonings too good for him.
  19. I'm with you there Dunc & I never even met him. I always had him in the creepy brylcreem/nasty in private category of entertainers, along with the likes of Jimmy Saville. Your anecdote just confirms I've got brilliant sleeze detection powers.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Nah, @Grunhertz this is classed as perfectly normal and acceptable! You've got most of the gang of six here, sans Gorby, who's otherwise engaged, but a number of RWG's mates are taking up the slack. We're just fine in the sandpit, comes with age!
  22. Whole underside black? Is that to cover up the numerous welds of the floor for the MOT the smother it in underseal?
  23. Glad you're paying attention at the back. It was the first photo that came up on google..sorry!
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