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  2. DC3

    FMA IA 58A Pucará

    I should think so too, a whole new world of garden centres, tea shops & farmers markets awaits, lucky you.
  3. Having never smoked,it took me a moment to get that one! Then what,is the WIP Pucara, the shelf of doom, Shackelton, Lancaster, WB-57F,Mil Mi-8, Shavrov Sh-2, Mig Ye155..get the picture/ Mind you if the next group build is a transport one,all of the doom lot get doomed again.
  4. DC3

    No aircraft

    Just been outside & the moon is just like that.
  5. Today
  6. RWG686

    No aircraft

    A gnarled hazel in the garden make a good hiding place. Looking for the pear tree. Regal pose. Well known drain cover in Bratislava How the other half live! Unusual moonlight.
  7. Grunhertz

    Me 262

    Looks pretty good to me Dean
  8. Then what? A camel only lasts about 6-7 minutes
  9. Got another half hour in this morning. I didn't waste the time photographing a load of plastic shavings as cockpit wall thinning carefully continues. The last thing I want to do is make holes so that I am then obliged to rebuild the front fuselage with thin skin,frames and stuff like the real thing...or do I ? @goon Got any references for the ejector seats? My thoughts are of rebuilding the parachute container on a Buccaneer seat to make the version unique (?) to the Pucara.
  10. I forgot about railway stuff so that's trains and cars I've never built. Maybe after doing @Gorby's home study course on rivets and bolts,I might be tempted to do the armoured train I posted under 'No aircraft' in the photo section. There again perhaps I can resist that notion and finish a Camel instead.
  11. Weeeeeeeeell, just so happens my favouritist loco is the class 37 and i have about a dozen or so
  12. Any diesels('speshly Class 52's,42's,37's,50's or 44/45's or rebuilt Bullied Merchant Navy's)yer dunna want,send 'em to me (FOC naturally)and I'll give 'em a run for you owd lad
  13. Too right. My production rate is slower than glacial at times.
  14. From the sublime to the ridiculous... I think it's cool. I believe they were used by the Royal Navy for transporting XXXL barrels of rum for the fleet.
  15. Deanflyer

    Me 262

    Hi all, I feel a bit ambivalent towards this build. I was expecting it to be an easy one, as the Tamiya kit is excellent and I was looking forward to the mottling. But, through my own ham-fistedness a lot of little things went wrong and it became a trial. Not least of which was the problem that I just couldn't get the paint mix and pressure right to do the mottling as I wanted it. I had to settle for a bad job in the end, and then found out my airbrush needle was slightly bent! A replacement needle, and everything works fine now, but it's too late for this build. Even the photography is a bit lacklustre...I took some lovely photos in the sunshine yesterday, only for the memory card to be completely wiped before I could download them. Time to move on... Here's the walk around: Here's the crawl around: ...and the fly around: Here's to the next one... Dean
  16. Just had a ganders in the gallery and Roland's looking damn spiffing old chap. Single colours aren't easy to do well.
  17. The colour looks very nice, at first I thought there was a huge thumb print on the bonnet until I realised it was CF.
  18. I always said you were weird. Well done Mr. Mad, I knew you could do it.
  19. Cheer Darren 👍👍 I managed 56 last year mate, shocked even myself 😂😂😂😂😂
  20. Looks like a monster build Dean
  21. Thanks all, Jamie the paints are faultless however the modeller getting used to enamels again isnt quite so faultless
  22. Nice but 9 so far this year??!!!! if i do 9 this year ill be happy
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