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  2. Tell me about that one apparently 109E-3's were painted RLM76???????
  3. does anyone do a 1/24 cattle grid to go through on opposite lock?
  4. Well I like an out of the box build just to clense the pallet, and 109's and 190's are my go to out of the box build, Eduards 1/32 109 E's are a simple enough build if a little quirky and have one or two accuracy issues. 1 being slightly large slats, 2 being a strange bulge behind the cockpit that is only noticeable if you build with a solid demarcation camo. the build will be totally out of the box and this is not the first i have built, it has still thrown me a couple of curve balls. 1, the oil cooler needs narrowing down to stop throwing out the fit of the fuselage, 2, no matter how hard you try to get it straight the lower instrument panel lined up it doesn't sit straight and fouls the sidewalls of the cockpit 3, the sidewall fit isn't particularly positive, and fouls the firewall if you dont dry fit. I got round this by fixing the fuselage halves together then fitting the firewall. from this you can then fit the side walls i then put the lower instrument panel in along with its mount. I then glued the cockpit floor in trapping the panel mount in place. I haven't put the seat in yet as that comes next once the belts have been assembled.
  5. ....or just follow Eduard's instructions (which aren't always accurate as I've found out with some of their Bf109 schemes). I'll be happy just to finish this one and hope it's an acceptable outcome. Duncan B
  6. I had a half hearted attempt at lining up the first couple of pieces then realised that they probably weren't meant to then just followed the instructions. I trimmed all the pieces and laid them out on the table, it looked possible but once I got going the second bit almost lined up to the first but that was it. I have trimmed all the loose edges and have had to touch up some of the paint around the edges. Tomorrow I'll get the rib tapes on while listening to the footie on the radio. I have lots of other little bits to do like paint and attach all the control levers, paint the guns, finish the cockpit and stuff like that, oh and the rigging which is minimal on the D.VII. It is possible to get this finished by midweek. Duncan B
  7. Rejimodel does them. Check out spotmodel.com website
  8. Now to make it more complicated. Sometimes the fabric was applied parallel to the ribs, and sometimes at about a 45 degree angle. Sometimes it was vertical on the fuselage, and sometimes horizontal. Your best bet, if you don't want to read a bunch of really dry pontificating by experten, is to carefully study photographs, and learn to look for the edges of the fabric strips.
  9. I think so yes, studio 27 maybe
  10. Absolutely Now can i find some Rothmans Decals for it preferably Vatanen/Harryman on the Manx
  11. Oh you silly boy, the Manta my boy, the Manta!
  12. Hmm this is gonna be interesting
  13. I have to say I have a few cars to build, and I like the Way Richard is thinking too Now a 1/12 Lotus 49, a Quattro S1 or Manta 400? Hmm
  14. 2f1 new undercarriage struts made. Got rid of the giant 'brake drums' of the original and gave me a chance to replicate the split swing-axles in the weighted position. (sorry about the juddery pic - there was a nuclear convoy going past the house!)
  15. Today
  16. But i like the way RWG is thinking
  17. Roden do Armoured Cars 😁
  18. I think we should move completely away from the usual suspects. Here's my list. Cars.( because I've never done one and Roden don't do them (?).) Military transport post WW II. Submarine of any type and period.
  19. Hi all made a start on the dio
  20. At least you can be on the outside making fun of everyon.. er heaping on encouragement 😁
  21. I know. I must be off my game today, I'm usually good at excuses.
  22. Sorry, I'm going to have to make my excuses for this one. I've no idea how long it's going to take to gut and rebuild my beloved sanctuary and no modelling until it's reborn. Then I'll probably carry on with this WWI tanky-thing kick I'm currently on.
  23. That's a good idea – a damn sight simpler than what I'm attempting to do. I need some way of you giving me your ideas before I encounter the problem. I don't suppose you have that super-power? Thanks muchly Mr Mad. Thanks Darren. Mrs Gorby is currently adding a trillion things to my job list each day, so the brakes have been put on at the mo. I should get the base and photos done before the end of the month hopefully.
  24. And you have just saved my Eduard Fokker DVII build from the bin, thanks Jesse. I could not for the life of me get the patterns to line up
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