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  2. But i like the way RWG is thinking
  3. Roden do Armoured Cars 😁
  4. I think we should move completely away from the usual suspects. Here's my list. Cars.( because I've never done one and Roden don't do them (?).) Military transport post WW II. Submarine of any type and period.
  5. Today
  6. Hi all made a start on the dio
  7. At least you can be on the outside making fun of everyon.. er heaping on encouragement 😁
  8. I know. I must be off my game today, I'm usually good at excuses.
  9. Sorry, I'm going to have to make my excuses for this one. I've no idea how long it's going to take to gut and rebuild my beloved sanctuary and no modelling until it's reborn. Then I'll probably carry on with this WWI tanky-thing kick I'm currently on.
  10. That's a good idea – a damn sight simpler than what I'm attempting to do. I need some way of you giving me your ideas before I encounter the problem. I don't suppose you have that super-power? Thanks muchly Mr Mad. Thanks Darren. Mrs Gorby is currently adding a trillion things to my job list each day, so the brakes have been put on at the mo. I should get the base and photos done before the end of the month hopefully.
  11. And you have just saved my Eduard Fokker DVII build from the bin, thanks Jesse. I could not for the life of me get the patterns to line up
  12. Holy crapoly Batman, I have something for each one... 1- Walrus maybe? 2- Zero, Kate, might just fit in. 3- Would give me a excuse to build the old Italeri Commando Jeep 4- Might have one or two(hundred) cars knocking about so I'm in The one that might bring the broadest scope and most involvement, Id say, would be the 75th Anniversary of 1944, from D-Day to Ardennes, so my votes on that one
  13. The patterns definitely didn't line up. Each bolt of lozenge fabric was pre-printed, then applied to the airframe and clear-doped. The edges were never intended to allign together.
  14. More done today - finished off the fuselage, adding the vickers, sights, screen. Added the pulleys, and covers to the wings Painted the prop Peter
  15. Pure Class Gorbs, I have been following along and have loved every minute of this build Kudos to you my friend its a brilliant Build Don't forget to get pics in the gallery
  16. the trick with the lozenge is to try to get the joins in line with the ribs because the rib tapes then cover the joins, It had me a bit flumoxed to start with too
  17. Well Paul It has been quite painless so far, the main issue to me is the sheer number of parts in each sub assembly, yes there is a rigging diagram of sorts but i think it may be a bit sparse? would I build more? yes but i am taking my time and dovetailing with the odd aircraft build I keep looking at 1/350 scale ships and thinking about the odd one but still a bit scared of em if I'm honest.
  18. Still plodding along, applying the lozenge decals today. I thought each the pattern on each panel had to match up. Either they don’t or Eduard have screwed up the printing! Mostly done, once dry I will have to trim the edges. I think this is the last big hurdle before the final assembly. I need to get the bulk of it done before the middle of next week or risk not getting finished in time. The paint is still very easily marked so I’ve been having to go slowly with it. Duncan B
  19. With the end of the WW1 GB round the corner this has prompted me to look at a few options for the next build and i have a few ideas...... but please feel free to add any of your own here too. 1, Battle of the Atlantic, (gives scope for ships and aircraft and whisper it to Steve, Duncan even a submarine. this could even have the odd vehicle involved) 2, Pacific War, As above 3, With the 75th anniversary of 1944 coming, either D-Day, Market Garden, or the Ardennes 4, The WW1 build took people out of their comfort zone so maybe we should try that again so how about a car Build perhaps Rally Cars F1 or Le Mans? Please let us know your thoughts again I think if we get something going we need to have 15 people say they are in before we commit.
  20. Hi Steve see new thread just started
  21. Its brilliant Gorbs.... Just Brilliant None of us have cause, ever again, to moan about sticking 2 bits of plastic together...
  22. Should I send you an Excel of my stash 48th & 32nd scale are all WW1 kits, about a dozen there... ohh wait, there's a 48th Walrus Off the top of me head in 72nd are a Martlett, Zero, B5N Kate, BE2c a civil JU 86 & an EC 145 helicopter i think... oh and a Vickers Viscount in teeny scale, oooh and a Space Shuttle... Does an X Wing count? Not really a big hairyplane person, but I do quite like some of the new Airfix kits. At some point in the near future, (when no one is looking), I plan on buying the 24th scale typhoon and mosquito
  23. If you had put that in a backdrop of the IWM, I would have done more than a double take. Not saying that’s what you had in mind and the figure would be a casualty. Just a thought. Polished concrete floor, a few girders in the roof, a pedestal exhibit description, a backdrop of other exhibits? its the rivets 👍🏼
  24. Back for more punishment. That probably applies to both of us. This will be the last instalment of the tanky bit, cause it's done! Why did they bother making the effort to camouflage these things? It not as if, paint them green and they disappear. They must have been as loud as Concord with a megaphone and as blatant as a brass band in a graveyard. If they just wanted to hide them when parked, it would have been more effective to paint them to resemble a block of flats or a small town or Luxembourg. Typically, I ended up choosing the most complicated scheme that I could find (how do I hate myself, let me count the ways) a tank called 'Faust'. Admittedly, it's not at all like me to base my model on something historically accurate, but I managed to redeem myself by making my depiction so loose it was likely to hang around on street corners looking for punters. In my defence, I found many colour images of Faust, but no two were the same, so who's to know mine isn't the most accurate of all of them. Prove it isn't! I strained the think muscle and decided to easiest way to do it (bearing in mind that I'm not good as spraying accurate narrow lines (or using the think muscle)) was spray it black and then do the Blu-Tak wormy thing – which took a couple of hours because apparently I'm the most attractive thing Blu-Tak has ever encountered. It was certainly more attracted to my fingers than anything I attempted to stick it to. The colours are a complete guess. None of the images I found agreed, my monitor isn't colour calibrated, and to top it off, I'm not that fussed. The nicest Tamiya colours is was then. I'd be interested to see anyone dispute it using black and white photos - I think you'll be needing the time-machine and a tin hat. The black border was probably too wide, but I hope no one's thinking of using that accuracy issue again. Obviously I had to use home-made stencils for the markings (how short-sighted of the decals companies not producing decals for non existent kits) but one of the advantages of this scheme is that it has simple crosses rather than those awkward fancy 1970's flared-trouser crosses. They're a real pain to cut stencils for. The most difficult stencil to cut was the scull and cross bones which ended up with four separate parts. Decals don't like me and the feeling is entirely mutual, so I'd much rather cut stencils. I've never weathered a tank before, which may or may not be something to do with me never building a tank before. Move over Sherlock, you've got competition. I watched a Facetube video about using rust wash and this bloke was pretty much individually treating each rivet (I'm not going to post a link, I don't want to spread that particular brand of madness). That's not going to happen on my watch – I've got a busy schedule, those naps aren't going to take themselves you know. I do often get very bored watching those things, the production standards on some of them should be rewarded with a damn good flogging. I pretty much ignored all the advice and just had a play (you can tell can't you?). It was finally time to stick the last bits on, sit back and think about how you could have done almost every stage better. I'm a perfectionist. That doesn't mean that I make things that are perfect, it means that's I'm pee'd off when I don't. It won't be appearing in the completed section for a while as I'm currently trying to cobble together some sort of basic base. Juan Forty-Eighth looks like he's been sniffing the Tamiya again. Incidentally, he used to be called Eric Forty-ninth, but when he was kid, he didn't have any friends his own size. Counselling lines are now open.
  25. That’s proper funny, that you suggest that anything is “too advanced” for you after you have done all this work just won’t wash (sic) my friend. Looking forward to the continuation of what is a stand out thread
  26. I think I’m, rightly, obliged to say thanks to all for sharing thoughts and experiences. Personally I haven’t run out of display shelf-space yet so I’m not storing completed builds in boxes or cupboards thus far. If that was the case I might have to think a little harder on the subject. I definitely felt some empathy with Steve’s thoughts. Part of me would like to think that if I got back the cost of the kit plus materials/tools etc, then the hobby would have been self funded which would be great. You can’t beat doing a hobby for free. Of course it would be different if you build models for a living but then it ain’t a hobby no more me old mucker, is it. That said, currently I feel quite protective of my finished builds and I’ll fight anyone trying to get near them😂 Cheers everyone, I enjoyed reading the responses. Paul
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