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  2. Shuttleworth Collection Model Show - 18th Feb

    Some very impressive work there, thanks for sharing that Mish.
  3. My first completion of 2018!

    Great little time filler
  4. Shuttleworth Collection Model Show - 18th Feb

    Thanks Mish some very nice work there. I'll be adding that to my 'to visit' list for next year.
  5. New module coming from HobbyZone.pl - the Sprue Organizer

    I use a toast rack, the same idea cheaper too
  6. Revell 1/24 HLF20 Varus 4x4

    Thanks, yep all the shutters work.
  7. WW2 Pilot Figures

    These look excellent Jamie. Don't suppose there's any seated 48th scale British pilots in the range?
  8. Revell 1/24 HLF20 Varus 4x4

    I’m hoping those shutters work Ken, would be a shame to hide all that work
  9. Airfix 1/144 Wasa

    I like that Ken
  10. Revells 1/72 Hermann marwede

    Great work Ken
  11. Meng 1.35 Tiger Ausf.B aka King Tiger or Tiger II

    Lots of detail, loving this build Daz
  12. 1/48th FW190D-9

    Keep at it Peter, it’ll be worth it.
  13. ZA947, BBMFs DC3 'Kwicherbichen'

    Very nice, love it 👍
  14. Revell 1/24 HLF20 Varus 4x4

    You've been busy haven't you great stuff as always
  15. Revells 1/72 Hermann marwede

    Nowt wrong with any of it that I can see mate
  16. Airfix 1/144 Wasa

    You'll have to share your me this for doing that ken 😀
  17. Yesterday
  18. I blame KitGuyJohn for this. After reading his Panzer III review I thought I'd get one to add to the stash, in searching for it on ebay came across this deal at Modelsforsale: Modelsforsale on ebay Less than twenty sovs for two excellent kits, plus two lots of Contacta cement - bargain. Still a few left, get in, don't forget to tell Vince he owes me a beer.
  19. ZA947, BBMFs DC3 'Kwicherbichen'

    As per my OP, it's the Italieri, and it's taken at an upward angle, so will look "off"
  20. ZA947, BBMFs DC3 'Kwicherbichen'

    Is this the new Airfix kit? There's something about the line of the top of the nose, windscreen and cabin roof in this shot which is really screaming "Off!" to me: It's a really impressive job, but I fear the kit lets your work down
  21. ZA947, BBMFs DC3 'Kwicherbichen'

    Cheers guys, been a labour of love and planning These are the photos of ZA I took at Duxford that spurred on the build
  22. Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier FRS.1

    Great job
  23. Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier FRS.1

    Hehehe! Thanks for the comments everyone, very kind.
  24. Revell 1/24 HLF20 Varus 4x4

    Hi all here is the next update I've hinged this bit with some sticky backed aluminium foil
  25. 1/48th FW190D-9

    That looks alright to me Peter a good recovery
  26. Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier FRS.1

    'Il muerta negara; ee's a coming!
  27. Airfix 1/144 Wasa

    Hi all made a start on the sea around her.
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