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  2. plain yellow (single colour scheme) just as valid for europe or russia as dak. 2 different yellows were used, only supergeeks could probably tell which one you used.
  3. Late war ones served in Italy and France but I can't find any in North Africa. Apparently, after the Wehrmacht were pushed back from the parts of Russia that made the Maultier necessary in the first place, lots of them were converted back to standard trucks anyway Andy
  4. I didn't think they were used in North Africa, I can paint it in some European camouflage instead, no bother thanks Mike
  5. Top job looks great
  6. sub

    A pair of Phantoms

    Very nice work Paul
  7. The decals arrived a few days ago but it has been far too hot up in the loft to do any work Tonight it dropped to 14c so got the letters and codes on the wings.
  8. They are very nice decals Darbs. Always found newer Italeri Decals very good.
  9. You might find Plasmo's build of this kit on his Youtube channel interesting.
  10. Nice start I built one of these a while ago, but what-if'd it as an Israeli nightfighter.
  11. Visibility on the airfield. It was common on many RAF and RN vehicles
  12. The one I got yesterday. A lot of kit for not many doubloons. Rather than wait for some to be delivered you may notice I've used an early Luftwaffe belt and dare I say, some bits from a French one.
  13. Good to see a stash & shelf of doom preserved for posterity - Museum of Modern Art, Edinburgh
  14. skwonk

    No aircraft

    Lamorran Gardens today on The Roseland Peninsula near St. Mawes. There were newts in many of the ponds which I particularly enjoyed seeing.
  15. Thank you guys for your kind words. I continue that building.
  16. I agree, that does look better than the flat earth (which is a stupid theory, anyway )
  17. Afternoon Everyone Got the interior all stuck down and did a bit of a wash and dry brushing. The decals are very shiny, I know, but they will be dulled down with Flat Clear. The seat is one of those fake rubber things, so I'm still in the process of giving it a drybrushing. I'm not giving the Airbox/Radiator a wash or drybrush because it's all covered up. Right then, moving swiftly along.... The Tracks The tracks come on 2 Runners, 42 links and Pads per runner. (So don't lose any Steve ) I'm going to build them as they come on the runner, 7 links at
  18. Superb work - well done!
  19. Thanks chaps. It was mostly built in a couple of days(can't remember if it was a weekend), but ballsing the canopy up, and some of the paint peeling off, added a few more days. There's definitely fun in keeping it simple
  20. It looks good in that colour. Not had any chance to do any work on mine for the last three days, so the next update might be a while yet.
  21. Afternoon Everyone Just a quick update. Everything now painted XF Khaki, nothing glued together but I like the colour, better than the Flat Earth Sorry bout the photo, Just can't get my phone to behave.
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