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  2. That engine looks very smart. (and so does the wooden bit) Couldn't you find a use for the rest of the mower seen here on the Lizard pitch ?
  3. Holy crap...😱 You'd need a new conservatory just for that.. Mac could probably knock one out in an afternoon 😬
  4. time to give the mojo loss a helping hand to bugger off something easy that is a genre i like so........... the tamiya lotus 7 kit was the one that got me back into model making again 15 years ago.....and this will be the 5th time ive made it.......its a nice little kit its supposed to be a series 2 which was made 1961 to 68.......plan is to do it as a street legal racer............which was colin chapmans plan from the beginning might go thro the spares box to see if i have some better wheels than the skinny ones this is the latest offering from Tamiya so comes with
  5. If your tiger is burning bright in the forests of the night, it means you've done something wrong.
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  7. Now that we have the movie drift over and done with here's a little progress. The engine; many were the cricket grounds scoured on the Lizard Peninsula to assemble enough lawnmower parts to produce a powerful beastie of an engine. Marine ply dried in the one day of sunshine we get in Cornwall-land in summer. It's a base of Revell khakibrun over painted with a streaky brush of Raw Sienna oil. Now have to wait a few days for it do dry. Leaving the paint on thick cardboard for a while before using it helps remove a fair bit of the oil thus a quicker drying time.
  8. Evenin All This is that young Indian fella's fault, the one building the Sturm Tiger Every time I read his posts, I look up on the shelf at the Tiger sitting there and keep thinking, mhhhhh.... I'm not the biggest fan of German WWII armour, but I am a big fan of Tigers The original Tiger 48th scale Tamiya released was the first 48th kit I built, so time for another one hey This one is the late production variant and I have the lick & stick Zimmerit decals for it too... I'll upload some more pics tomorrow
  9. Fo'c'sle. Looking rather good. The pins look a lot better.
  10. Yes Steve there is, I saw picture of Renault UE armed with Hotchkiss at gun.
  11. Ooooooh I like that Very nice Milan I think there was also one with a Hotchkiss or Breda cannon, sure I saw a picture of one somewhere....
  12. Yes it is Dixie, Scale Motorsport Decal Magic. Non Toxic, all the bunny hugger stuff . Check out their website. Its specifically made for curvy bits... (minds out of gutter you lot, minds out of gutter )
  13. It was indeed the late John Farley as I suspected. Sorry it's in English Leo,but I think you'll enjoy: https://www.airdisplaymuseum.com/johnfarley.html
  14. @Mad Steve, is that a decal softener/setting solution? @mac1677, nice on the Spits! I'm going to have to pick up a Mk.V one day.
  15. Last of my stuff arrived. Thought id try the Scalemotorsport Decal Magic out. The other is just to get free postage 😬
  16. These arrived yesterday, all part of my up coming Spitfire quint build, which consists of 3 Mk IX's, one Mk V and a Mk I...once I unpack from the house move.
  17. Nice model...the box art makes it look like a children's toy. Incidentally I've just found this: https://www.coh2.org/topic/14559/ww2-daily-pic/page/181/romeocoh2/www.twitch.tv/stormless/
  18. Thanks Col., I'll post a "wanted" request and see if that bears any fruit. Thanks Miggers, I had come across the Heller Hellcat. I had hoped to find a more recent issue of those type of markings. Col. pointed out the Italeri kit's decals, so that may end up being the better idea of the two. I think Italeri's decals may be better printed as well (Cartograff maybe???).
  19. All that and I suffer from essential tremor (not good for a 1/72 modeller, is it?)
  20. Renault UE 630 (f) tank destroyer. My last German conversion of a French Renault UE tractor so far. The model made by RPM is a combination of the chassis of the UE Renault and a model of a Soviet 45 mm anti-tank cannon, once manufactured by ICM. It used to be sold, I don't know if something like that really existed, or if it's a model author's invention. It is quite possible that something like this may have been created in the field workshops, but I have not seen any photos yet.
  21. I'm replacing the kit gun barrels as they do look like Dalek Eye stalks, I'm using cut down dressmaking pins as they are the perfect round thickness, I'm letting that dry before making canvas covers over the bases of the guns out of Milliput.
  22. Yes the later sheet shown above has the up to date stencils.... millions of them a lot! 😭
  23. what an interesting museum, some nice aircraft there
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