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  2. Great looking Beau 🙂🙂 I have always liked the Beau, ever since I built the Matchbox kit many, many years ago 😁
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  4. I do like the Beaufighter, it always seemed like a Working Class Mosquito to me! Proof that the Heavy Fighter concept wasn't a completely blind alley too. Very nice work on updating the kit Jamie. Duncan B
  5. Not for a little while yet
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  7. There used to be a great video by Plastix from the other place about how to use thinned acrylics and wide flat brushes to get lovely even brushed paint. sadly it seems to have vanished but man he made some great models that could stand next to any airbrushed models.. I was intrigued by a request from one my clients who wants a brush painted BTK spit on an Airfix stand as a childhood memento and have found these: The Humbrol one is of course a sales pitch but seems to be the same idea as Plastix. The second one seems to be a great 101 on all things hairy stick, especially types of brush but I suspect some of the models shown have been airbrushed. Brushing would never enter my mind as a commission only builder who loves all his many airbrushes and toxic thinners, but man I'm looking forward to making a brushed Spit just like we all did back in the seventies, yeah nostalgia baby...
  8. Interested, but depends when as need an injection of mojo
  9. It may account for why the Handsome Prince rode away with the old witch instead of me
  10. Just as well its after 2100 or we'd have to delete that post! I now can't get a hairy snow white picture out of my head 😄
  11. I put on my Snow White costume and open the kitchen window for the woodland animals to come and do my housework. The little so and sos aren't interested so there's a pile of washing up needs doing. And a weird old lady keeps showing up trying to ply me with apples.
  12. Yes..that's my dept. since Mrs had that seizure and can't stand too long. Years ago she told a friend who was crowing about her new dishwasher that she'd had a Rchard Mk1 for years. The woman said she had never heard of that make
  13. In my defence I've built and sold three of them on commission so they aint gathering dust...well not in my loft at least. Went through all this last year at 'the other place' along with the weathering fascists et al. It's a wee little model and putting a well plastic man in still wont make it the real thing, no matter how much re-packaged eyeshadow you smear on it...Funnily enough its a clean 50:50 split with clients for pilots or no pilot so I'm grateful I don't have to spend an hour painting little plastic men for all of them. This client is brilliant , this month he's ordered a 1/72 Lanc in a Tiger Force WHIF and 1/72 RF-84F both without pilots or aircrew , the thought of painting all these Lancaster crew, oy!
  14. Hi Anil, I'm with your client on this, I've never understood the need to have a pilot in a model displayed in flying configuration. It's a model, you know it's a model, I know it's a model, everybody knows it's a model, you know it's not really flying. I do too, everybody does therefore it doesn't really need a plastic pilot who, let's face it, being made of plastic, couldn't fly it even if he was in there.
  15. like i said before id listen to these guys as they know what they are talking about
  16. I know,IIRC it was ArCo that had a punt at it,John Romain rather likes a Spit. Greedy blighter,no wonder there's none about except at silly prices Our local HB only has Spit 22's and Vampire T.11's,needless to say,I nabbed one of each.
  17. Thanks, it has to be said that when the cockpit parts are as nice as these it's a doddle to make a half decent fist of the cockpits. The interior of the wheel bays are really nicely detailed too so an oily wash will bring the detail out in them too. Duncan B
  18. I really think you need to bin those brushes. They look perfect for water colours or oils. The two light coloured ones look as if they are made of horse hair. Far too rough for small scale stuff. There are plenty brushes available that won't break the bank. Some of the artist nylon ones for acrylics are very nice. https://createlet.com/best-acrylic-paint-brushes/ I have a set similar to set 9. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Model-Painting-Brushes-Wargaming-modelling/dp/B016OM97KG I use this set. They work for enamels too. I've had them for a few years and once a month they all get washed with hot soapy water and left to dry naturally. (I do clean them after every use of course) What I like about your posts is that your models aren't the museum quality of the latest commission of some professional modeller but are a more truthful reflection of what the vast majority of as are like.
  19. Not a "shame" at all, customer specifically requested no pilot and etched belts...Metallic stuff? meh, so easy my cat could do it...
  20. I'm no good at brush painting, but I think that may be part of your problem. I'm pretty sure Arctica is correct when he says you should use a flat brush - 12mm sounds a bit too wide to me and $45.00 seems well over the top for what you need to spend. Have a look on Ebay or Amazon at some cheaper synthetic brushes as you'll be able to find something much better value. In December I bought this set of 12 brushes for £9.99 and they are surprisingly good: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07GZYC5B4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I know it says that it isn't currently available, I've just shown it as an example. Also make sure you don't overload the brush with paint and make sure the paint is thinned (with the correct thinner) so that it will flow rather lie in lumps and ridges on the surface. Theoretically, you shouldn't need to use Blu Tac or masking fluid when brush painting - free-hand should be okay for doing things like camo. Hope some of that helps.
  21. good afternoon everyone once the deck was completed, i wanted to sort the bulkheads under the 1/4 deck. the originals were broken up and used as templates
  22. These are looking great Duncan, and the cockpits are especially nice considering that you make no secret of not really enjoying cockpit detailing.
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