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  2. Here’s my attempt at the HobbyBoss 1/48 Me262 Night Fighter. It was supposed to be a quick build straight out of the box but that plan soon fell by the wayside. I had previously modelling this particular aircraft in 1/72 scale so wanted to do something a little different this time so depicted it after its surrender to the RAF. I added Master radar aerials, Eduard seatbelt, Aires resin wheels, Xtradecal markings and painted the Red 12 using a custom made mask by Paul Brown (big thanks for supplying that). I’m not totally happy with the RLM76 fuselage colour as the Mr Paint version was too blue and too dark. I did end up using a lighter mix but the gloss varnish brought the black undercoat through the topcoat and darkened it! It was a really fun kit to build, HobbyBoss do a whole range of Me262s so I’m bound to make another one sometime soon. Thanks again to Paul for making the paint mask for me. Duncan B
  3. Thanks Miggers, I will bear that in mind. The spraying takes but a few moments, but it is the cleaning of the airbrush after that takes the time, I once left it few a short while and then spent the next hour stripping and cleaning it. I have been back on the plating and reducing it further. I measured in a couple of places where I had left it before, oh my god this model of the Flower had plates of between 25 and 30 mm thick. I reckon that they were built with plates of about 3/8" to 1/2" or on the model about 6/7 thousands of an inch, because of the inconsistency of the moulding of the plates I have set myself a bit of a task. I have found that scrapeing with Stanley knife blade is the best method but it takes a long time. I am aiming for .010" for the plates on the model as a compromise. Once I have done that I will give it a coat of primer from a rattle can and see what it looks like.
  4. There have been a few early attempts by new the German owners of RR early on about the use of the logo on RR-based specials and raising an action to have them removed. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong group of enthusiasts - many being well-healed to the point of biiiiiiilionaire! It became fairly wide ranging, in that the content of these specials being mostly RR and that all RRs up to about 1956 were also delivered as chassis for bodying by bespoke coachworks made the point moot (as a judge might say). The unofficial advice I believe was "Don't bother, you don't need the bad publicity". The logos stayed on. It did stop those daft kit-car boys with their naff 'RR' VW Beatle concockups in their tracks though, since a strong letter was enough and they'd no money to challenge it. I'm not that keen on plastic Cortina-Ferraris either. As a (sometime) photographer I know there is also the rule that a logo on 'public view' is fair game - which is why newspapers use pictures of MacDonalds burger joints in their shlock-horror scandal expose rather than a logo. I expect that a logo, any logo, on a representative model will be regarded as the same. Except in Germany where the swastika (even on a Finish Air Force model?) is banned.
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  6. mac1677

    Super Frelon.

    Nice work on the windows 😎
  7. Very cool, good luck with the auction πŸ‘
  8. Nice looking Spit πŸ™‚
  9. mac1677

    TSR 2 XR220

    Fantastic build πŸ‘
  10. Hi all, I fancied a challenge (and a break from Hurricanes πŸ˜‚) so decided to have a bash at an Italeri Viper. I have to say she was a tough build, with lots of dry fitting and filler involved, I also fluffed the tail up by putting the wrong lumps and bumps on for a Belgian machine...we live and learn 😎 but she is done and here she is: 65/20: Italeri 1/48 General Dynamics F-16A Fighting Falcon (2654), 1ste Smaldeel, Force AΓ©rienne Belge, Florennes, Belgium, 2004: Thanks for looking in πŸ‘
  11. Thanks for the tip and the wishes Gorbs, figures are something new for me (other than the one or two that accompany my armour/vehicle builds that are made to resemble a human and left at that) so learning experience ahead. As for other interesting stuff, lets see.......
  12. Not that I'm likely to ever buy any of them, but that would be excellent.
  13. Gorby

    TSR 2 XR220

    Looks good - from what I can see. Any chance of bigger photos?
  14. Happy birthday Vaastav – that's damn convenient having a national holiday on your birthday. Sounds like there's going to be some interesting stuff coming from your direction in the near future. And as far as those Airfix figures are concerned, @phoenix54 * was right – I've done a test and the diluted PVA primer does help a lot. * not that I doubted you for a minute of course.
  15. This thread can be moved to Vehicles in Progress at your leisure, @Grunhertz . Like @Jessie_C, I am taking the leisurely approach to this one now, too. Whew! At least I got two builds up in the GB - a surprising number for me (the project for the last GB that I was in, over the road, never even got started). New lamp is set up, GREAT improvement - brighter light, bigger lens, and much easier to position and secure!
  16. It was my birthday on the 30th (Also a national holiday here in India for Guru Nanak Jayanti) and as a result relatives obliged me with some model related stuff (and other things) The figures are for a Dio I am doing to depict Indian soldiers' contribution in the First World War. The other two will be seen in WIP here later.
  17. Good now if they can release their stuff at the same price as the fokker then look out my bank balance. Not surprised another rumour has it that their will be no shipping costs for the tools because they're at the factory anyway
  18. Watching this as im going to be doing thr GWH SU35 over Xmas
  19. Yesterday
  20. Wow, looks like this'll be a fab build. Gonna pull up a pew and grab the popcorn
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