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  2. Looks like Fiona was a bit of a monster: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-63025036 Hope everything is okay Bob.
  3. Aaaaand, I just feel dizzy. Don't know why I'm turning my phone screen upside down when I'm looking at a monitor. It should be called the 'Cagiva Not Really an Elephant at all 850'.
  4. Today
  5. I've just been reading about this aircraft as I didn't know much about it. Apparently there was some additional design work to try and get the performance up to land based aircraft levels using a hydroski. Looks like a job for @Lost Cosmonauts:
  6. I assumed it wasn't in use as the surface doesn't look in great nick from the satellite image.
  7. me likee! the Dakar is always my highlight of the year when it comes to motor sport
  8. Ooh I dunno about not in use: http://www.castlekennedyairfield.co.uk/
  9. It's looking very dodgy indeed. I'm not surprised about the Minibase issue. Duncan B
  10. The WiF shooting down a Mig 15 is a bit on the improbable side but an interesting kit none the less. Duncan B
  11. I dont know Gorbs, turn your head, squint a bit and turn your phone screen upside down aaaand.....
  12. Just rest assured that you're making a better job than most, if not all other modellers would manage with this kit.
  13. It must be terrible knowing a s subject so well that every tiny mistake sticks in ye craw :(. All the same, to the untutored eye, it looks great. I nearly used another word them remembered this build’s predecessor 😬😵‍💫😬.
  14. That's a weird looking thing. I certainly don't look at it and think "That reminds me of an elephant".
  15. I've been to Castle Kennedy a couple of times and didn't realise there used to be an airfield there. Google maps shows that it's still there although from the state of the runway I doubt many aircraft use it now. The place is better known now for the Castle Kennedy gardens. There's something special about flying boats. This is a new one for me – Shorts Scion Senior FB (Flying Boat):
  16. What they said! Beautiful in Black, and you you could almost jump right on it (er, cerrunch!). ait might be a nice kits, but it has been extra-nicely built. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  17. Traders who wish to set up on Saturday night can do so from 7.30 (1930 hrs).Please contact Jon Arnold via the web link for the club. There is plenty of parking around the leisure centre,and its free to park on a Sunday.
  18. Know the feeling the back injury has given me sciatica
  19. Wow, nice! Not a fan o’ choppers, but than one’s come up a treat! Well done an’ a’ tha’ :).
  20. Yesterday
  21. That is a very poor photo. Just what security ordered - the only thing that you can tell for certain is that it’s Scottish, unless they’re a very strange sort of target…
  22. The work in the paint shop had gone not too badly but still needed a bit of finessing before it could be shown to the public. Sitting quietly in a corner of the pub that night, nursing a beer and thinking peasant thoughts Gregor had a wee wry smile to himself as a very poor photograph of the Shearwater made its way round the clientele
  23. I've been to Waterstones... My knowledge of naval ops in WWII isn't too bad, but I've decided to add to it, likewise the China-Burma-India theatre. I've heard that Bill Slim was the best British general of the war, but was overshadowed by Monty - I read Monty's memoirs many years ago, so I thought I'd give Slim's some attention. This should keep me happy for a while!
  24. We went out for a drive today and as I drove up the A8 towards Glasgow, I had a look over at Dumbarton rock. No Sunderlands though. Here's some Bothas and Sunderland from the Blackburn factory there The Blackburn B20 was built there. We crossed the Clyde and came home via Helensburgh. As we passed Rhu, I let my imagination go mad and pretend the the MAEE( Marine Aircraft Experimantal Establishment) were still there with all of their exotica
  25. I spy an M1C in a pic. Yayyy!
  26. Interesting but they have Techmod decals. Hopefully they're better than when I last used them.
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