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  2. Did it? And if so have I just put it back?
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  4. The truth is out there.
  5. The base coat for the camouflage has been brushed on. (Does anybody know why the phone downloads are different sizes? No matter..the smaller the pic the less you lot see of the burach !) I am depicting one of the first aircraft on the islands so it was camouflaged on site using whatever paint they could find and the design was made up as they went along. The above is my take using dozens of photos and guessing on the bits I couldn't see. There is the possibility that the ailerons were also left in metal,not just the rudder and horizontal stabiliser. More research after I have my coffee. I am not using the kit plans or any of the ones preserved here
  6. More done today - fitted the wheels and the steering linkages, then finished off the driver's controls - still need to add the control panel for the second driver. Peter
  7. I wondered what that was. I've never heard of it before, so just edjucatified myself via Wiki.
  8. Blimey, an Interstate TDR, didn't know there was any of these left.
  9. Hi all, Next up on my bench is this rather big kit, and I thought I would share my journey with all you good people 😁 If this is anything like the Veltro kit it will be a great kit to build. More soon chaps 👍
  10. RWG686

    Testors T33

    Time for a change,you know how you love silver and dayglo!
  11. No, I bought the Montex mask set for the US Navy Roundel markings and it came with it. It wasn’t the best of fits and I have had to cut extra material from the mask to tidy it up so I wouldn’t recommend the Montex canopy mask on it’s own.
  12. Coming along rather nicely 🙂
  13. Wow, great stuff Duncan 👍
  14. Stunning Duncan, a great finish to the NMF 👍
  15. Yesterday
  16. WOW, even worse than the tacho & working time directive rules!
  17. *ignores* 😏 😉 I've found that red / black modular machine for eighty quid on ebay. Is it worth a try for occasional light use?
  18. At the moment ,yes. It was registered in Namibia as V5-KBW before being sold to a UK owner and registered a N141WF. It will remain on the American register subject to these rules ; http://www.peter2000.co.uk/aviation/faa-nreg/index.html Basically it is cheaper especially from a maintenance point of view .
  19. A few more from Pensacola.
  20. I read somewhere recently that there were 400 or so US registered aircraft in the UK. I'll try and find the article.
  21. Looks great Duncan, Did the masks come in the kit?
  22. If the Maul remains in th UK would it keep it's US reg. or would it have to be re-registered?
  23. Thank you chaps 👍
  24. A quiet hour at Prestwick with heat haze making photography difficult..not a complaint we hear up here too often. A nice KC-135R from Beale AFB. (She used to be based at Mildenhall with the 100ARW) Here's the nose art (from 940 ARW official site) Note the sash on fuselage too. Loganair SAAB, down from Dundee, crew training This Maule M-7-235 is a new resident.
  25. Cheers mate - here ya go! 😁 printer
  26. I’ve got all the sub assemblies built up as far as they can go. The canopy is masked off and all the small parts are off the sprues and cleaned up. I’m actually ready to prime everything now. As you see I have fitted the lower wings. There was a slight gap under one of the wing to fuselage joints that needed a smear of filler so that was the way to go. I am waiting on seatbelts to arrive but prefer to leave the canopy off until later if possible anyway. Next steps are to get primer on and then I could paint the upper wing. Duncan B
  27. What a fantastic thread! I remember drooling over these kits in Tamiya magazine when they came out in the '90s. Those printed tyres and wheels are brilliant. I really must not go off looking for that printer...
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