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  2. Nope it's a real scheme @Col. knows what I'm doing as do a few others
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  4. I seem to remember either seeing a photo online, maybe was in a book even, of a Scorpion/Scimitar being pulled out of a hole or ditch by a Farmers tractor. Been looking on the net, but cant find anything. Does it ring a bell with anyone?
  5. The doppler under the nose has to go and a fillet added to the fin . The Argentinians used the Mirage III EA and IAI Dagger during the war.
  6. Coincidentally, my bust is a crystal ball. Never go to a new age healer for a breast implant.
  7. A quick update on the Sabres for you, almost ready to start the decalling. If I could stop knocking bits off I would be a bit further along,hey ho it happens.
  8. Wish you'd told me sooner. Just put in a little order for some Tamiya paints
  9. Only one left in stock, 15 arrived yesterday but 14 were already sold to pre-orders. Duncan B
  10. It's an amazing kit and by following Yufeo Meo's build (YM was one of the main contributors to GWH on the design of the Flanker kits in GWH's catalogue) any little issues are pointed out and easy to rectify. It is a big kit though and I'm struggling with the size of it both with the space it takes up (I like to spread the sub assembles out during a build) and when painting as it will need to be done in sections I think. Duncan B
  11. That looks great W 😬👍 If you change the Humbrol Clearfix with Tamiya Enamel Clear, it doesnt shrink when it dries.
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  13. Quick update to show I ain't given up yet! Painting has finally started I can't find two photos that agree on the interior colour, so it's make it up as I go along and do whatever I jolly well please! The instrument panels look to be made of aluminium but some have that textured/planished look what I don't know is called So I played around with that sort of a look just in case you can't tell what I was trying to achieve! lol The instrument decals weren't the greatest, which doesn't bode well. Tried using Humbrol Clearfix for the instrument glass but not entirely convince
  14. No reason why you couldn’t convert that. It would need to be the ‘EA’ specifications.
  15. This is not the greatest beer in the world, this is a Already got me coat Andy
  16. would this be eligible? in the stash, but would it need conversion to Argy spec circa 1982
  17. what a nice detailed kit, and you're doing it justice Duncan.
  18. as i remember they had 4 or 5 of each plus a ARV Samson
  19. Coming together quite nicely, looking good!
  20. gas guys in their final locations, calling this finally done, last shot of it in low angled sunlight giving it that Luftwaffe point of view. The next time you see it I'll be glass cased.
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