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  2. Keep stirring it, revenge is a dish best served cold.👹
  3. Click on the photos for an enlargement. Most of it already reported but some nice stuff http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/Ausstellungen/Nuernberg2020/Bilder_AT/index.html
  4. More surgery to remove the pilots sliding window. A kid on gearbox and gubbins waiting for a few miles of wire to go in and this is where it will end up..never to be seen again probably.
  5. Looking good Ian. Is that Pineapple yellow ?
  6. Yes..my first batch of pineapple tarts didn't turn out too well.
  7. Today
  8. Heh-heh. Dave's Capri has an Offenhauser inlet,4 barrel Holly,competition headers(exhaust manifolds to us lot)big valve heads and a stage 2 cam. He doesn't know(or want to)what it doesn't do to the gallon,it has lotsa Vroom-Aarrgh(two piddly middle boxes and Cherry Bombs), an LSD,Capri 2.8 brakes and suspension(all modified),regularly embarrasses much more modern machinery and will light up the rear tyres in the blink of an eye. Bloke I knew years ago had a Formula 400 in a T-Bucket,that had a 4 barrel Holly on it with an air cleaner like a dust bin lid. He reckoned a big vroom-aarrgh blip of the throttle shot a pint of juice down the 400's neck,so 8 blips to the gallon..... The thing sounded wicked on a pair of lightly baffled side pipes.
  9. Well, the book says 200 in a Range Rover, but its got a holly 4 barrel on top that passes petrol like a super-flush toilet cistern - at least it did when it was last out 15 years ago 😫 It weighed in at 440 kilos. Power to weight ratio???
  10. Yeah,I see where you're coming from,MOPAR vs GM and all that. 3.9 Wessie eh,I'd like to give that some beans,what are you packing 190-200 bhp ?
  11. If I was going to do it, I'd keep it Chrysler for near-originality. Besides, I've also got a 3.9 Rover-engined Westfield!
  12. Try the enlarged Buick Canada/Rover V8,in the TVR Cerbera version,4.2 ltrs and 320bhp,my buddy has that in his '73 Capri facelift, it livened things up a bit I can tell you
  13. @sovereignhobbies, what Darren said above. I'm just amazed. I'm really quite taken by this build, enough so it's made me consider buying a ship model.
  14. The last 2 days efforts, all the very small pieces fitted and a couple of thin coats of Tamiya lemon yellow paint as a primer. Next job a coat of Xtracolor helicopter rescue yellow. The head assembly will be done hopefully this weekend and then the last of the small pe bits to attach to the main body.
  15. Will you paint it red ? I wonder how many folk will recognise that reference. Good ol' Marlon !
  16. Aha! I see that you've discovered the secret means of propulsion! The story of the steam engines was merely disinformation designed to make the Mexican spies conclude that it wasn't a practical machine when in fact the power of puppies is sufficient, when properly harnessed, to run it over the toughest ground. Anybody who has lived in the same house or even the same neighbourhood as a puppy can attest to this fact.
  17. Yep. Originally a Canadian Chrysler V8, but came with a 5.2 small block in bits - that'll be just fine.....although considered sourcing a 4.2 or 4.7 ltr Jeep V8!
  18. Correctamundo Iv'e always thought the M/box Wessex a pretty fair kit,AFAIK it's not short in the tail,but Bill Perdu reckon's the front end is like a Thames Trader truck. It's also about 5mm short on it's main legs,but that's an easy fix. Bill reckons the old Froggo is bang on for accuracy(a lot of Frog were very good),but in the light of the thing is getting hard to find and prices are getting a bit silly,maybe an M/box-Italeri cross could be the way forward.
  19. Well it just so happens.............................😁 How far is Coventry from the wall? Could I add a special delivery increase of 400% to the postage like some thieving so and sos (see my earlier Grump) (note that I have become infected with bracketitis) [must disinfect the keyboard as they are mutating] {too late} (*) (*) see footnote or this if you prefer Now where was I ??? Oh yes..nice work on the monster.
  20. IIRC,Matchbox's Wessex had a rudimentory MRG and no mesh in it. There,that's another fine mesh we've gotten you into.
  21. Ooohh a TD21 and a Bristle 408!!. A distant relative had a TD21 in the late '60's,dark metallic grey,it was a beauty. What engine have you got in Biffo?,should be a Chrysler V8,5.1/5.2 litre small block , don't get too excited,it's not a Hemi . And as for your Riley,it really doesn't look too good unless it's tucked up in the back of somewhere: https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/VehicleFound?locale=en
  22. Coming together just nicely. Are you doing it in green/grey or one of the overall green ones?
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