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  2. Ak Etreme metals

    Hi, Wonder how many of you have used these as I have picked up a bottle of polished aluminium but neglected to get the black base. So, what would be a possible alternative to their own base? Cheers Richard
  3. Hi Paul, What I found with the Precision paints was to put in on as thin as possible, little more than a mist coat really. Used a badger 155 with 0.77 nozzle with no problems. Leave to dry at temps above 20c for at least 48 hours, I stuck my etch in the airing cupboard for a week. After this I was able to fold up the etch(cannister racking for cvn 65) without any flaking or peeling. Just follow the instructions to the letter and you are good to go, I was very impressed with its adhesion and ability to survive folding and being put through the etch folding tools. Finish can be improved with subsequent coats of a different type of paint, humbrol matt 1 for eg. Looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic build. Regards Richard.
  4. 'Get those down!'

    That’s a big YES, you just have to like that 👍🏼
  5. Spot on there Richard. In the past (not that distant as I’ve only been doing this lark for 4 or 5 years) I found painting etch was ok as long as it wasn’t going to get handled too much and/or you didnt need to put masking tape on it. With this build I don’t have that option as it’s almost all brass. So I did a bit of research and came up with Phoenix Precision Paints. It’s too early to give a considered view yet, but they are very nice guys to deal with. Also I did struggle to push the paint through a 0.5mm needle on the airbrush and am now looking at using something closer to 0.8mm or even bigger. glad you like my work thus far Thanks Paul
  6. Airfix Tiger Moth 1:72

    Really nice looking model, very well done sir!
  7. 'Get those down!'

    Excellent my friend, I like your sense of humour mixed with some fine modelmaking!
  8. 'Get those down!'

    Nice! I like that a lot
  9. Hobbyboss 1/48 F-111A

    Nice one Alan
  10. Hobbyboss 1/48 F-111A

    Well, it's taken a while, but the paint job on the F-111A is now completed. Have to say that, for the most part, I found the Alclad II Mil Spec paints very good. Sprayed perfectly, the airbrush didn't clog up once, no issues with masking, and the colours look spot on. Just a couple of wee niggles, though. Firstly, I found the drying time to be longer than I had expected, and weren't really touch dry for about 3 hrs after application. Secondly, the bottles. Pipettes are a must, as pouring the paint straight from the bottle was a tad messy to say the least. I much prefer the squeezy bootles used by Vellejo, AK, Mig etc. Far better control. But these are minor niggles. I've not been a 'proper' airbrusher that long, and so far these are the best paints I've tried ( I plan on trying Hataka Orange line paints next). Anyhow, time to gloss the old girl up ready for decalling
  11. Some very nice work with the photo etch, Is the 2 pack primer Phoenix Precision paints? I have had very good results with that. Cheers Richard
  12. Airfix Tiger Moth 1:72

    Beautiful build, very,very nice. Cheers Richard
  13. Airfix Tiger Moth 1:72

    A rather splendid looking machine.
  14. 'Get those down!'

    My original 'Get those down!' was another victim of a fall recently so here's a remake. A bit of irreverent fun with little in the way of groundwork.
  15. Airfix Tiger Moth 1:72

    Beautiful work
  16. Nice choice Duncan (The model that is, not the wee show, although I'm sure Steve and you will meet some 'interesting' 'customers') Dare say the Pavla cockpit won't take much more work to deal with than the kit article and give that area a nice boost.
  17. Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    It's really a Vintage and Classic Car Rally at a Country Park near Mintlaw, north of Aberdeen. I am going along with some stock as an 'added attraction' to help out Steve, my mate who comes to a lot of the real shows with me, as he is one of the volunteers at the park (when he's not putting off customers behind my tables at models shows that is). The Aberdeen Modellers Society are also putting on a display too so I won't be alone. I might take the Tiffie along to fettle with in between all the sales Duncan B
  18. Pzr IV/70(A) Sd.Kfz.162/1

    Looking great peter
  19. Pzr IV/70(A) Sd.Kfz.162/1

    Today, lots of tiny bits, and the lower running gear is done. Just to give an example the rubber limit bumps are made of 3 pieces each. Peter
  20. I appreciate your comments and I’m happy that my endeavours are entertaining. In answer to your question about dressing the etch, I normally just use a scalpel and a sanding stick. The etch is very demanding on scalpel blades and there is a high cost involved. I would estimate to have used 50+ so far on this build, possibly even double that. Do your cutting on an acrylic sheet or a piece of glass or a glazed tile. This allows a sharp cut. Put the scalpel to the edge of the etch where you want to cut, apply some downward pressure and just rock the blade (curved blade ref 0101 or 0105) to & fro until it’s through. After that it’s just a few seconds with a sanding stick. When sanding the trick is to grip the etch very close to where you are sanding. I have to warn you that when the scalpel blade breaks it goes with a bit of a clatter and it’s always when your applying the downward pressure. i think in the Arizona thread I posted around 125 pictures. The file I have for that build is almost 600. Your welcome to them but I noted that you have chosen different etch to the stuff I used so there will be some mismatch. anyway, thanks for the positive sentiment Paul
  21. You should have gone to spec savers.. I jest of course. To be honest, at times I wish for more plastic and have to remind myself there is no rush, that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. The engineering and forward thinking that was put into these sets all those years ago is fantastic. I’m sure the 3d printing age will put pressure on some of the etch manufacturers but a whole skill set could be lost in that shake up. I’m glad your finding it interesting. Thanks Paul
  22. Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    A wee show? That's disgusting😀 seriously where?
  23. Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Plastic has been cut so I'm officially off and running. I won't actually get much more done this weekend as I have now to get ready for a wee show tomorrow. Duncan B
  24. Airfix Tiger Moth 1:72

    That is just lovely doc
  25. Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Watching with interest Duncan
  26. Happy Birthday Betty Windsor's Airline

    Right then, it's Betty's Birthday (keep a bit of cake for me) today, I have a clear desk and have a wish list of kits to choose from to build so lets get going. Here's the kit I've chosen to be my first entry: What?...What do you mean "it's not on the wish list and it doesn't have RAF markings"? I'm fickle, that's my excuse. I want something that will go together reasonably quickly and will also fit in with my RAF Leuchars theme. I have lots of decal options for 6 Sqn and 1 Sqn and at the moment I am erring towards ZK342 in the 6 Sqn 100 years anniversary scheme. She was painted at Leuchars just before they relocated to Lossiemouth so fits in with my own theme. I like the idea of doing a pristine aircraft straight out of the paintshop for a change. In my quest to carry out a quick build I will handicap myself by using an aftermarket resin cockpit from Pavla, that makes sense, not. So there we have it, what can possibly go wrong? Duncan B
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