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  2. @DC3, I've got some of an original/restored Opel truck that is the only surviving example of the ersatz late-war body. Something to see IMHO. I'll post them in the armor research section if you want.
  3. Luckily I learned how bad it was before I spent the cash That's one subject I would sell a few of the stash to fund should there ever be an injected 1/72 one. When it drains away let me know. I'll break open piggy and make you an offer 😁
  4. One of the last re-enactments that you attended
  5. Mine was the Anigrand C124 Globemaster,£85 back in the day when it was first released. Having seen most of the real things I thought it was a good buy and would bring back memories. What a nightmare it turned out to be.
  6. Ditto the CMR Scimitar and wingfold. Again, I have no idea why I bought it other than I must have had salt water on the brain! Duncan B
  7. wonder why? 😁 In my case CMR Scimitar and later a wingfold set. Total incl postage just short of £100. Soon to be eclipsed by the Canadair Argus
  8. Nice wathingcas I gave a bike to do
  9. C$260 for an Amodel IL-18, That was more than 10 years ago now.
  10. so since im having this ongoing loss of confidence i want to do something to try and restore it a little...........something with simple painting and no weathering lol had this in the stash for about 2 years and its pretty straight forward comes with two sprues of 'chrome'....one is shiney for the exhaust and a few little bits......the other is a matt chrome for things like the discs and forks etc not too impressed with the shiney one so the zorst might just go matt black
  11. I always thought it was called that because it's a pantomime?
  12. But why? I'll bet there's several of us here that blow rather more than £440 per annum on models/consumables. It's really no different sinking a large amount into a large model that's going to give you lots of £/hour modelling time.
  13. its funny how the RAF gets called the Cinderella Service cos its the newest............ive always maintained its cos its got two ugly sisters 😁😁😁 Per Ardua 👍
  14. Nope not paid that much but just north of 3 figures I have
  15. This imho is the most important thing about scale model kit building. After having fun. And after not making too big a balls up of the kit. But definitely the most important thing after that is knowing that it's there. Otherwise we could leave all sorts of things off and where's the fun in that?
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