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  2. The mists of memory clear. Even before I did that Pegasus Bouchon, I did a teeny tiny 299 Models 1/72 Bede 5.
  3. No, because in that case it would be a de Havilland, not a Bristol
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  5. Afternoon Everyone I've always been a fan of Matchbox 76th scale AFV's, and when the Challenger MBT was released back in '88 I was first in the queue and I bought a couple. It was pretty basic, but it was a Modern British Tank and I loved it. Shoot forward about 10 years and wallah, walk into a shop and there is a Revell Challenger. Knowing the company's liking for reboxing the old matchbox stuff, I gleefully grabbed a couple and took them home. Well, the Matchbox Challenger it aren't In fact its way better than the Matchbox one. It's actually sad that this kit, along with its twin, has sat in my stash since 1999! I quite like the quality of the moulding, I'll be building this straight from the box without any AM stuff. I might try and redo the turret baskets, as they are solid cast items, but we'll see how it goes. Right, off to the spray booth for some undercoat
  6. Yes Dunkin,you've been caught in flagrante like that before😂
  7. Thanks for that Richard, that's an amazing bit of footage. I'm staggered that that thing can fly! It's difficult to see if it's actually gliding, or if it was more of a controlled plummet.
  8. Duncan @BlackMike Models my take is it's only fair......after all Mrs.B was trying to get you to sell off your own stash...
  9. Is it just me? or does anyone else think, in it's present state, it looks like a huge(ish) moth.....
  10. A replica of the Deperussin Monocoque. I'll get back to you on the markings. Other than an experimental disc wing glider I have no idea. It has no placard and its not in the book on Monino. EDIT; It is a Sukhanov Discoplan
  11. Hi Folks The latest Meteor to roll off the line. From 245 Squadron,painted with Xxtracolor paints and has the Marmaduke decals applied. Cheers Ian
  12. From the Featherstone Kite archives,Richard is the curator.
  13. How did a country that produced the lovely Yak-3 produce those helicopters?
  14. That SU35 had everyone I know at the show saying when are you going to build it? No pressure then 😀
  15. Finally the oil paint on the cockpit parts has dried and I could get some assembly done. Not much will be visible in the cockpit once it's all together so perhaps it's a good thing I didn't go to town in there. Now I let the cement harden, clean up the joins and get busy on the stripy bits.
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  17. Couple of right weirdo's in there. No idea what the first one is or what the national (?) marking on the fin is & that one 2nd from last, you couldn't make that one up. Really liked the Il-10 & Il-2.
  18. Thankfully I covered that base successfully Lol, you should get your Bank Manager into modelling then bring him/her along next time. Problem solved! It was a great bash indeed and I also thank the organisers for putting on such a friendly show. It was great to meet you all in person and to actually spend some time with Darren without hurling my lunch at him this time. We are in the hotel at Stafford now and will continue our journey north tomorrow. Duncan B
  19. I could tell you what I’ve been buying at the Southern Expo but then Mrs B might find out and tell me off for buying instead of selling! Duncan B
  20. Get cracking with that Su35 so I can copy you, oh and the same for the Revell F.3 Duncan B
  21. Tell her that it is her new rotary clothes drier. I take it by your comments on the fine Russian engineering, that you have never had the pleasure of travelling in a product of Westland Cottage Industries? They made garage doors into helicopters
  22. This fread is trooly orsum, u must neva stop postin init.
  23. She's in hibernation at the club. Don't know what's worse..1/72 rigging or individual spines.
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