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  2. So, searching ol fleabay I came across a listing for an Eastern Express S6B, and feeling in the need have a back up, spent on it. Nothing major, especially compared to the Airfix on there. It arrived, looks smashing and still sealed (sorry, was sealed) Not expecting much really, so opened and took a look and to my surprise, the same as the Novo one I already have. But better decals The build just got interesting
  3. That shows true patience. When I do a pin was it always end up being a panel wash. (Well, panel wash makes it sound more controlled than it is. Entire bloody model wash would be more accurate.)
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  5. Well undercarriage is on and it's standing so that's a good start. Test fitted the wings to fuselage while the undercarriage sets.
  6. Looks great, really coming to life now!
  7. I haven’t been near this one for 2 months so it’s time to get back at it. Giving the top side a panel line wash. There’s a lot of it so one section at a time is the order of the day. Duncan B
  8. A base colour of hair on with a dark wash. Looks too dark at this point but that will be worked out
  9. .....and the Gulls won't like you covering their target up!
  10. .......you could always have another look through our Peter's site.........just sayin!
  11. There's a blast from the past. Was he a bunty or a sparky? Today I ordered a tailored car cover.
  12. That looks like it's well engineered.
  13. No, not Alice Cooper Face almost done. I'm a bit on the fence with these Valleywotsit paints. Not sure if I should have stuck to my usual method.
  14. Modelling time is slow lately, but I've managed to move forward quite a bit and I am hoping the pace will pick up now. Hull and decks have been painted and slightly weathered (more to come). Decalling is now in progress. As you might already see, some of the decals are waaaay too big - the T-line at the heliport is very evident. Surface details are really nice on the superstructures and dark grey wash really makes them pop out. More details will be added soon.
  15. Me too, on the way to which I narrowly avoided an overzealous citizen's arrest.
  16. Nice one your Lairdship 😬👍
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