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  2. So true! All I need now is for a few hundred more of you to buy something off the list and then I'm ready for the new shiny stuff. Amazing how many folk have sent me money based on something I wrote. Sound familiar? OH NO! I'm turning into the man who ate all the pies.
  3. Thanks Miggers Someone on the Facebook post mentioned the Airfix low loader trailer set Also reminds me I need to give the decals some sunlight as the carrier film has yellowed Sadly not to the same shade as the paintwork!
  4. I was a Triumph man,early'70 750 Trident,'77 750 Bonnie and '68 500 Tiger 100SS. My Dad was a Trumpet man,I think he'd have had a fit if I'd have rolled up on a Norton or a Beeza. My old mate Smiggles had a '74 Zed 1B,one of the best toys I've ever had my hands on,'speshly as it had a Harris pipe on it with a modified baffle(big on decibels).
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  6. Full phoenix on it,it was lovely,but with a big hole blown through it. Those two are starting to look very tasty Jase.
  7. Gah Vespa, the transport of the devil, some weird business with some a strange sequential handlebar gear change, never again. For the record, I was Norton man, 850 Interstate in burgundy metallic, a hand me down from oldest brother when he succumbed to terror that was the Z1 ( which I also acquired). Nostalgia dims the the cursing of the mostly non functional electric start, the leaky head gaskets and brakes from a Raleigh Chopper. Thankfully my two wheel days are long gone now that roads are clogged with inattentive SUV pilots ( like me). Yup this is the new Airfix kit though the overengineered intakes might make you yearn for the old 60's incarnation..
  8. It's an allusion to that well known serial stash reducer RG686, formerly of the Jockinese Constabulary, whose five year mission has been to boldly reduce his gigantic stash, a mission which suffers the occasional setback due to the sell two buy three tactics adopted, although it has to be admitted he does seem to actually be making progress these days. However future backsliding cannot be ruled out, his apparent success may be due to the fact that he's temporarily shagged out from his stay in hospital and Mrs. RG686 is watching him like a hawk and preventing any attempts to get near any model shops.
  9. When I saw the strap line "A Clean Airfix Scooter",I thought "Hang on,he knows a bit about Triumph Bonnies and now he's going to yap on about a bloody Vespa hairdryer?,he's one crazy mixed up kid,doesn't know whether he's a mod or a rocker!!" Glad it's that Scooter and not "THAT"scooter. I trust that's the new Airfix kit not the ancient thing from 50+years ago like the one I have in a box of bits from nearly 50+years ago.
  10. A nearly box stock racing 'Stang must be a rarity at Reno these days. That looks great.
  11. Just got it. I think you mean ol' wossname... huvut76g7gbbui7 or something like that
  12. Hell Paul,that was Kitmaster then Airfix now Dapol JCB must nearly be as old as me,I loved it as a kid. I have one on the 'layout up in the loft even now. But at least you've got your entry for the "under a Tenner" GB.
  13. A reference too obscure for me (which is saying something) - you'll have to interpret for the hard of thinking
  14. Hi all, The first part of this build is done, next up will be the Sd.Kfz 7 😊 Flak 37: I hope to start the prime mover tomorrow, thanks for looking in 😎
  15. Morning 😬 Now see what happens, your internet at homes not working so you start using your phone, looking at the model shops and before you know it, this lot is overnighted to you... 😳 Memsahib didnt seem impressed, cant think why 😬
  16. Another little belter and something a little different to boot. Duncan B
  17. Looks great Duncan B
  18. I love ‘em* 🤣🤣🤣. So cute! * Moonintrolls, that Is, not tiny weeny jet stencils
  19. You're right. Hate em
  20. No! No you Moomin don't 😅
  21. Tasty, as usual. Love that you don't have pilots, never understood those modellers who feel it necessary to include them if the aircraft is in flight mode.
  22. DC3

    Rocket launch video.

    Thanks for posting that Rich, the figures for speed and altitude unwinding really brought home how incredible this stuff is, normally because you have no point of reference because of the distance from the flight path the ascent seems to be quite a leisurely affair but a nought to 2500 km/h and height of 25km in 1minute 40 seconds is anything but.
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  24. That’s it! I’m almost totally denuded of models. I’ve got one Airfix 1/72 Chipmunk which I’m keeping (there’s a 1/72 me having my first ever flight in the back seat) but everything else has either gone or is awaiting pick up. At least I’m ready with a well stocked stash & lots of model storage room for lockdown 2. Just need to top up the paint supplies
  25. For those who have no idea what we are on about:
  26. modern jets and stencils love em
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