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  2. That's true, they're also designed such that ejection pin marks and sprue gates are hidden. The reason why I'm slightly (tongue-in-cheek) sceptical is because the bold claim 'no puttying or sanding required' invites hubris to do its work and Bandai seemingly go about their work without too much fanfare. I would certainly like to have a close look at this kit when it becomes available, because the images show that a lot of thought has gone into the engineering and detailing.
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  4. It's not impossible. Bandai's Star Wars kits are incredibly well engineered, and really do need no filler (or even glue for most parts).
  5. I had a look at some of the exploded model snaps - the upper panel line does in fact appear to be there. I couldn’t tell about the lower one.
  6. It seems an odd choice of aircraft to eliminate the seam down the middle when the real one had a seam down the middle.
  7. Nice work and an excellent solution to fix the wings.
  8. With the re-boxing of the Battle of Britain EDK84196 1/48 BF-109E-4 coming soon, Tiger Hobbies are offering direct retail and to our trade customers a special offer BoB Combo. The will retail for just £36.99 and you will get EDK84196 BF-109E-4 and EDK84179 Spitfire MK I. Each model is the Weekend version but with much improved boxart plus options for four marking on each AIrcraft. Compared to the Airfix versions these are stunning value, to buy the Airfix versions at full RRP is £57.98 in a similar combo. This is the first in a series of Special offer from Tiger Hobbie
  9. I see they are now no longer saying Christmas 2023 for the Fairey Battle kits on their website and have put it back again to January 2024. A watched model kit never arrives!
  10. Lovely work Sprocket. The figures are a nice touch.
  11. Looks like a well thought out kit. Coming along well Andy.
  12. Is this a bit like their 1/32 RAAF P-51 kit - with domed rivets the (scale) size o' quite large mushrooms? I remember that that generated a Great Squawking and Clucking(TM) at the time that that one came out. Hmm. And their usual Brag-Box™* piccies to suck in the kiddies (young and old). It's a very long time since I bought a Dragon kit, and have been gradually weeding out the ones that I do have. * Related to their Brag-Booklets - full of lies.
  13. To reiterate: To be fair the fuselage looks very trick. I wonder if they've remembered to do the top and bottom panel lines?
  14. So they've reinvented Matchbox kits? And They have the gall to claim no filler required then show us this?
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  16. A perfect example of why I shy away from aft cans. Alchemy, sorcery or witchcraft; I haven't decided yet.
  17. I'll believe it when I see it, nevertheless an interesting proposition and I suppose if you're going to try something radical you might as well try it out on a 109... Anyhow, from the Hannant's pages, here's the blurb. Here's the phots.
  18. After priming I got some blue painty stuff on the bottomy bit. As I had ran out of my usual Xtracolor I had to resort to the 'tins of doom' box and used Colourcoats. Oh, and while digging around for paints I happened upon my US Interior Green; typical! It'll come in useful for my SB2C. Got some red painty stuff on the spinner and dug out these various type and size ring and bead sights.
  19. Absolutely bl**dy fantastic. Amongst the best I’ve seen Duncan.
  20. This will be the last single seater I build and was planning it as one of these: Just kidding! I don't want to give some grumpy old ex Lightning driver down south a heart attack. As most of the F3s I saw flying were at Leuchars air shows, being towed behind a Victor tanker, were from 29 Squadron, it will be one of these at some stage in the future.
  21. while the frame hardens up, time to take a look at the next step. looks like G2 goes on at the same time as the dampers G23-24 part G2 ready to clip off and clean up any mould lines.
  22. Advancing a little further. Comparing the assembled wing with the drawing, it appears OK. The drawings I downloaded provide some good cross sections of the A-26 fuselage, which would theoretically help me. I made cardboard templates copying these cross sections and tested their fit on the kit fuselage. Obviously, the cardboard cross sections were a little different (hey, I did them right!), they didn't fit well into the kit, because vacuum-forming molding (especially of large models) cannot achieve super-precision, compared with "official" drawing plans. I would need to obtain
  23. Ooooooooooooh My ship - the fastest Lightning of them all. Sometimes there were more than one:
  24. If it is moulded to the same quality and fit as their Skyraider, I'm sure it will give you many hours of fun and pleasurable contemplation. Just don't open the box, 'cos weeks of frustration and vented ire will surely follow.
  25. It was time for @Che Guava's monthly burger fix today and an obligatory stop was made in Scott's Models where this somehow found its way home with me.
  26. Damn fine job for a beginner, through you'll need to stop playing with it in the sandpit, it's got a bit dirty.
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