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  2. nice an subtle Jamie, Doesnt look ready for the scrapper so about right for me
  3. oh now we're talking Steve, Proper F1 Me? an AMD ryzen 5 PC with an Nvidia 1660 GTX to run Adobe illustrator from (properly that is.) However it does appear to run PC games quite nicely too!
  4. was but not available at the moment but I Will be at other shows soon
  5. Not me but please do report back with the details. I am interested to know if the Traders appear to be doing anything differently from before lockdown (hand sanitiser on their tables, wearing masks, screens or anything else out of the ordinary) and also what sort of numbers of visitors there are, if it feels busy etc. I'm trying to get a feel for whether it's worth me getting back onto the show circuit or not. Duncan B
  6. Today
  7. I forgot about that as well. Mind you I can barely remember breakfast.
  8. I see there's a show on at Elstree on the 10th of October, anyone from ASM going?
  9. Pretty much yes 5-O Ocean Gray applied
  10. This arrived this morning. I had swopped another kit for it 😁 Mad Steve (Who never had a Seaview or Flying Sub kit, but saw them in a shop once )
  11. Ha, you wish Really..? You live in Coventry, really doesnt set the bar very high to begin with No, serIously, the government has decided to keep most of Africa on the red list because we have covid variants named after us and, well you know, the usual BS. We can come in and visit , but we have to spend 10 days at HMP Heathrow first at £2300 each, so... no!
  12. It's noting to do with the pandemic. It's more about raising standards.
  13. I had to read that twice to see what Mr Allen's sense of smell had to do with things!! I guess it's time for my meds again lol. Duncan B (who had the flying sub kit as a kid )
  14. I had an email from a "nice" Russian gentleman telling me he'd hacked the Large Scale Planes Forum this morning. He's been very busy as he's emailed most of the members. The site was down for a couple of hours but is back up and running now. If you are a member there you probably should go and change your password and remove any sensitive info in your profile (Horse, Stable door, bolt, unfortunately). Duncan B
  15. Perhaps you need more practice hint hint. Good start so far.
  16. It is HC-102 Heli Baby https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aero_HC-2_Heli_Baby
  17. Excellent post Milan, what is the small helicopter, never seen this before.
  18. Yesterday
  19. bit of progress............going together quick, as you would expect got a couple of figures, not sure if i shall use them yet cos im not much good at figures the seated guy came in the box, hes sort of half in half out of the vehicle.............the officer i found in the spares box.......ancient tamiya but thinking of having him standing in the back pointing 'oi! Corporal Wagenknect!.......that way!'
  20. Exxxxxxxxxxactly.....😁 Great chance for the makings of an iconic sci fi film.... stuffed up again 😁 I have been trying to track down the other Halcyon figures as well now. Never built such a large scale figure before but good fun.
  21. Just had a good read up of this Steve, Very interesting it was too!! Looking very good so far i must say. 😎 Even though my modelling has previously been totally WW2,Vietnam eras,i have to admit to straying into the Fantasy genre recently so far as stash building goes!!😲 As a young un these Judge Dredd stories always did it for me,(As did "Strontium Dog"),so i shall be watching your progress very keenly! Andy, P.S. I always thought that the Sylvester Stallone movie completely missed a trick,it could`ve been a great chance to make an iconic film,however,they manage
  22. Not to mention the enduring mystery of how they fit those gigantic people inside that tiny submarine. From the outside the forward viewing windows take up the entire bow, but from the inside all the windows are in the same compartment which looks to be the size of a typical living room. And that's not even considering the hangar for the flying sub, which is supposed to be one deck below that same viewing compartment. Irwin Allen never had a sense of scale.
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